Why Magento Enterprise Cloud is the Ideal Upgrade

Why Magento Enterprise Cloud is the Ideal Upgrade

Magento continues to be the most popular e-commerce platform for enterprise in the world, with merchants enjoying the power, features, and customizability that Magento offers. However, with the introduction of Cloud-based e-commerce platforms which offer a number of benefits such as flexible scalability, 24/7 support services, reduced IT dependence and reliability, merchants may be hesitant to upgrade to the latest on-premise e-commerce version, Magento 2, and consider a Cloud alternative.

Magento finally provided their answer to the growing prominence of Cloud technology with the launch of their latest product: Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition. Looking deeper into the improvements that came along with this new product, we can see how this Cloud-based platform has become a concrete choice for merchants looking to upgrade in order to keep up with the competition.

Bringing Magento 2 to the Cloud

Cloud technology is set to transform the online environment, being a key proponent of Web 3.0. It’s impact can already be seen across the e-commerce market, evidenced by the new generation of Cloud-based enterprise tools, which favor the Software as a Service (SaaS) business model.

Similar to how SaaS has simplified the way companies and individuals use software, Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition is built as a Platform as a Service (PaaS), which is able to play host to your store, taking a lot of the pressure off of your infrastructure and allowing you to focus more on marketing, expanding into new markets, and creating engaging customer experiences for customers.

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Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition is geared more towards middle and large enterprise-level businesses. At it’s core is Magento 2 Enterprise Edition, which is built upon Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) global infrastructure. Magento also includes in their package a series of services from its best-of-breed solution partners that enable speed, stability, and flexible deployment.

Bringing Magento 2 to the Cloud

More Economical – Better Performance

Magento Enterprise and Community Editions are designed with scalability in mind. However, this scalability comes at a cost, as on-premise deployments require that you architect your own solution to handle the highest peaks in traffic, which you may actually only use for few promotion days throughout a year. You also have to select a set of tools to monitor and boost the performance which will require more IT effort for your system.

Magento’s cloud offers you a better scale solution. Thanks to the access to the extensive AWS, instead of building out and managing a separate infrastructure, your e-commerce site can be scaled automatically, along with the growth of your business. It can even scale up in the short term for promotional events or sales seasons. Based on the AWS system, which covers almost all locations around the world, merchants with global ambitions can quickly expand their reach with ease.

Performance of the system is built and optimized by the Magento team themselves using powerful technologies from their partners New Relic and Blackfire. New Relic is the powerhouse of application performance monitoring, which assesses everything from server infrastructure through to browser performance. In addition, its suite of tools lets you simulate traffic load to ensure everything performs as it should. On a deeper level, Blackfire offers focused performance monitoring for your PHP code and helps you target any bottlenecks.

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Less IT Dependence

On-premise solutions require ongoing technical support from your IT team, who are not always available. You also rely on them to deploy new functions, and to install new security updates and patches. This process often necessitates an evaluation of the impact of the update on your entire system, increasing the cost to your business, while sometimes also disrupting the customer experience on your site.

Magento’s Cloud platform is developed to be more robust and secure, offering 24/7 support. Built using a Platform as a Service model, your platform will be automatically updated to the latest version and functions, which will be available for merchants as soon as they are live. All the latest security updates and patches will be implemented quickly ensuring security, stability, and performance optimization for your system. Magento’s Cloud is also equipped with state of the art security, which able to address security concerns at a much higher level before it threatens your system. It offers triple redundancy protection for your data, providing peace of mind for your store.

Faster Market Rollout

On-premise solutions often require a lot of effort to set up and manage, requiring you to allocate resources towards your testing environment, deployment processes, and content delivery solutions in order to bring changes to your customers. With the integration environment of Cloud based platforms, change can happen instantly across all your locations with considerable reduction in effort. The speed at which Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition allows you to create and release new content and features is certainly remarkable.

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The platform offers a streamlined development process thanks to the range of thorough tools and technologies provided. Platform.sh’s service allows development environments to be created, tested, and merged quickly, while its infrastructure is designed to run system components in isolation. Merchants will be able to experiment and react quickly without affecting the rest of your system.

For fast and reliable web page delivery across geographic locations, Fastly, a real-time Content Delivery Network service offered with the Magento Cloud edition, quickly diagnoses problems and makes speedy changes in the event of performance issues. Crucially, it also inspects traffic to your site, mitigating DDoS attacks and keeping sensitive data safe.

The Cloud is an obvious progression for e-commerce solutions and, as time goes on, this Cloud foundation will continue to open endless possibilities for even better performance, deployment, and customer experience on e-commerce sites. For those looking to upgrade their e-commerce platform, the potential cost savings, reduced IT dependence and resources needed, along with the automatic updates make this platform a good choice for revitalizing your website.

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