Effective Cashier Training Tips

Cashiers are the face of your brand. They play an important part in making customers love your brand and keeping your stores running smoothly with higher accuracy and less fraud. Thus, it’s essential to train your cashiers well before you put them behind the counter. From raising productivity to dealing with difficult customers, the cashier training tips below will help you provide more effective and comprehensive training for your cashiers and help them have a smoother onboarding process.

Cashier training tips to streamline checkout process

1. Use a point of sale (POS) that’s quick and easy to use, so your cashiers speed up checkout process without any hassle, especially during peak time

2. Use a barcode scanner to scan and add products to cart (some mobile POS enables you to use iPad camera to scan barcodes)

3. Train your cashier how to load a new receipt roll, and let them practice until they master it. They need to do it quickly under pressure from a long line of customers waiting. If your POS can send digital receipts, tell your cashiers to suggest it – this will have both cashiers and customers save time

4. Train your cashiers to hand customers coins first and then bills when they give change. If you put coins on top of bills, they can slide off onto the floor.

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Cashier training tips to improve onboarding

1. Have your best cashier train your new ones because he/ she knows the tasks and the in-store system best

2. Run your business with an easy-to-use POS so you can reduce your training time

3. Conduct your cashier training during a slow time so your cashiers can have time practicing all the flows, including less frequent ones like selling or redeeming gift cards, issuing refunds and exchanges

Cashier training tips to reduce fraud

1. Explain the process of opening a shift, counting money and closing shift. Some POS provide Mid day Report and End of Day Report to help both you and your cashiers manage cash float better

2. Set your business’s tolerance for cash shortages (for example, if the difference is more than USD $5, there should be an investigation) and ensure that your cashiers are aware of it

3. Teach your cashiers how to spot counterfeit money and instruct them to inspect all bills larger than $20 for signs of counterfeit

4. Train your cashiers to say a bill’s denomination out loud when a customer hands it to them, which helps avoid honest mistakes and fraud. It’s also a good idea for cashiers to count change back to customers if they’re not too busy.

5. Use a POS that lets you manage your staff based on their roles and permissions so they can only access to what they’re granted.

6. Make sure your POS doesn’t store any cardholder data.

Cashier training tips for handling angry customers – Training methods for cashiers

Teach your cashiers the following tips and role play so they can have chances to practice and get feedback:

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1. Stay calm, take deep breaths and remember not to take it personally.

2. Listen attentively. Angry customers need to get something off their chest, so hear what they have to say before you offering a solution. Use good, open body language, including sitting or standing up straight with your arms uncrossed, and maintain good eye contact.

3. Echo and clarify. Repeat the customer’s complaint back to them and ask “Is that right?” to confirm that you understand what they’re unhappy about.

4. Express empathy. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and let them know you understand how they feel.

5. Apologize. Even it sounds trivial to you, it’s a big deal to them, and you want to keep them as your customer, so say you’re sorry.

6. Ask what they would like you to do to solve the situation and offer a solution, but make sure you know what you’re allowed to offer on your own and what you’d need manager approval for. In the latter case or if the situation escalates, get a more senior employee who can handle this.

Now that you’re armed with these cash register training tips, you should be able to organize a comprehensive cashier training and get your new hire quickly up to speed and ready to accept payments.

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