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3 Highlight Examples Of Sucessful Omnichannel Business In The US

Although the need for online shopping in America has significantly risen by approximately 32% over 2 years due to the impacts on covid 19 pandemics, many Americans still prefer to drop by brick and mortar stores. As customer expectations in the US constantly change and increase nowadays, omnichannel business is believed to be a cost-effective method for modern American retailers to stay competitive in their markets. This is also the reason why the trend of omnichannel business in the US has strongly grown in recent years.

To help you have a better understanding of how the eCommerce omnichannel model benefits American retailers, we would like to go all the way through case studies of Apple, Disney, and Nike as highlight examples of omnichannel retailers in the US market.


Apple is definitely the very first name that should be mentioned when it comes to a successful omnichannel business strategy in the US. This giant American brand on omnichannel has bridged the gap between online and offline shopping and created a seamless experience for their customers. 

With excellent omnichannel stores, Apple fans, nowadays, can make purchases in stores and via contactless delivery. Moreover, Apple is in the process of developing a streamlined payment process to track transactions and in-store payments. A streamlined payment system can not only help US customers easily complete their purchases but also enables Apple stores to send customers notifications of product updates or personalized loyalty programs.

Apple omnichannel business in the US
Apple’s omnichannel stores

Additionally, Apple has also adopted the omnichannel strategy for their iTunes library and entirely changed the way American users access and listen to music. To illustrate, Apple developed a futuristic experience and boosted customer engagement by enabling them to integrate playlists across devices. All data of iTunes user behaviors are recorded and analyzed in order to better understand and characterize customer music preferences. Hence, this platform can recommend music that closely sticks to customer taste.


The top famous recreational park over the globe – Disney World is reported as the major pioneer in bringing omnichannel business to their area. By developing omnichannel strategies, Disney managers have considerably minimized customer queuing and waiting time regardless of how many Americans arrive there daily. In short, their business consists of 3 main components: a beautiful responsive website, a mobile app, and a full-of-magic Disneyland.

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Since Disney’s omnichannel experience comes into practice, US visitors are now able to book and plan every activity in their entire trip by using the Disney experience tool. A mobile app is also developed to personally support visitors while spending their time at Disney. Specifically, Disney App helps them to locate and navigate destinations as well as approximate possible waiting times for each of them. As a result, visitors can enjoy the most out of their days.

From the perspective of the business, the omnichannel strategy greatly allows Disney managers to better manage their flow of visitors and support their customers in a timely manner. In other words, with this type of business, Disney can let their customers explore the park themselves but at the same time ensure to accompany them every step of the way.

Disney omnichannel business in the US
Disney’s omnichannel strategy in the US


In 2006, Nike first introduced their NikePlus, which started the journey of an excellent omnichannel business in the USA. To be more detailed, NikePlus is a co-branded product between Nike and Apple. This app enables a pair of Nike shoes to connect with users’ iPOS and helps them to monitor their running distance, time and calories burned. All of those data would also be synchronized to NikePlus’s website later on.

Based on data from American customer daily behaviors, Nike can easily get the idea of their customer’s favorite shoe brands, sports, types of products, etc. New content will be also created to nurture customer emotion toward their products. Moreover, this app is powerful to personally interact with their US customers and build loyalty by providing a better customer experience.

Nike omnichannel strategy in US
Nike omnichannel strategy in the US

Bottom line,

These three omnichannel case studies of the giants are the most typical examples in the US market that give you an overview of how omnichannel business should be. In fact, there are various options that you can choose to create a true omnichannel experience for your customers in America. 

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However, it is important to bear in mind that developing an omnichannel business is an arduous task that takes you a huge amount of time, money and effort to succeed. Knowing the challenges, we have developed a feature-rich solution – ConnectPOS to facilitate your modern retail stores. Don’t hesitate to contact us anytime you need help!

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