5 Examples of Christmas Omnichannel Sales Strategy for Retail Business

If you can get customers’ attention with a good holiday marketing campaign, you’ll create more sales and attract more people to your retail store. A great place to start is to look at the following examples of Christmas omnichannel sales strategy as inspiration for your marketing attempts. With less effort and time, it’s not as challenging as you think.

5 Successful examples of Christmas Omnichannel Sales Strategy

Here, we’re about to get a glimpse at the best marketing campaign from previous seasons. You get to hear about their stories and how they became so successful. 

Target: “The Holiday Odyssey”

The Holiday Odyssey” campaign was all about an interactive kid’s book launched on the Target site. It tells the story of three kids out to light a big Christmas tree. People can view the serialized story across different channels through Christmas such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. 

Along with that, Target leveraged the “Kids’ Wish List” app on Google Play or iTunes to help parents and their children make a list of gifts they can share with friends. If not, they still scan these products in physical stores to add to this list. Later, they can send the list to Santa Claus. This campaign succeeded in beating other competitors and sent big sales as proof that creativity works well for the business.

Starbucks: “Red Cups”

Starbucks Christmas omnichannel sales strategy
“Red Cups” campaign reached a large audience and boosted Starbucks’ Christmas sales

You’ll love the typical holiday cup designs introduced in the “Red Cups” campaign whether you’re a fan of Starbucks or not. In this marketing strategy, the festive joy gets woven into each design of the cups and delivers what people love most about Christmas. These red cups became iconic and widespread across Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter.

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Also, Starbucks started a competition to win Sterling Silver Starbucks cards. If a customer posted a photo of the red cup on Instagram with the caption that has #redcups, you had a chance to win. This worldwide launch of red cups reached a large audience with more than 232 pieces of content shared in 30+ countries. The whole engagement surpassed the 4 million mark. 

Etsy: “Holiday Gift Guides”

Etsy chose another way for its Christmas omnichannel sales strategy: offer useful content for the users. Instead of focusing on a giant marketing push, it launched the gift guides annually. Such information helps all shoppers to get the coolest gifts to buy depending on various categories. Etsy also shared giftable products on its social media and encouraged shoppers to use #EtsyGifts to join the campaign. 

This way can increase extra sales by spreading the word about these gifts and getting people to the shop while still sticking to the holiday theme.

Nordstrom reduces, reuses, and recycles holiday joy

Nordstrom Christmas omnichannel sales strategy
An origami handbag from Nordstrom’s Christmas omnichannel sales strategy

Department store Nordstrom made a socially conscious campaign for boosting Christmas sales with hashtag #MakeMerry. The shopping bags can change into origami handbags or hearts as decorations for the Christmas tree. The audience gets to share their origami creations with the holiday spirit on social media channels like Instagram. 

In this Christmas omnichannel campaign, Nordstrom can make the holiday more joyful with a call-to-action that concentrates on making customers get crafty in both online and offline stores for sales increase. It lets people know that Nordstrom is a great gifting spot with several options at every price.

L.L.Bean: #12DaysofPuppies

Another fun way to relieve stress for holidays is the L.L.Bean’s campaign which offers user-generated content. It gained high engagement from shoppers and gave the Internet what it needed. In this Christmas campaign, customers will be urged to share photos of their dogs with the American brand L.L.Bean products under the hashtag #12DaysofPuppies.

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The winner would get picked out every day and then given the gift cards. Apart from creating sales, this marketing strategy created an optimistic customer experience and powered up customer loyalty.

In the nutshell

Christmas, the greatest time of the year is coming close, so the most profitable season is approaching as well. A good Christmas omnichannel sales strategy doesn’t only help you grow revenue in the weeks before the holiday but also lets you build customer loyalty. These top retail POS systems will make it come true!

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