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Ultimate Guide: How To Boost Christmas Sales This Year

Christmas sales are well-known for bringing in the most revenue for the entire year. People are in the holiday spirit, generous, and always on the lookout for the perfect gift for their friends and family. If you’re looking for some effective ways to attract and keep customers’ attention, here is our superlative guide.

Start cart abandonment campaigns

According to Statista, 88% of online shopping orders were abandoned globally in March 2020. Every company is bothered by abandoned carts, and this matter surely affects business as well.

Cart abandonment can be detrimental to the online store’s success. And if retailers want to boost Christmas sales, they need to know why. According to a research of Baymard Institute, high extra cost for shipping, tax, and fees is the main reason for abandonment during checkout. The second and third ones are account requirements and the long checkout process, respectively.

But the truth is that shopkeepers can’t prevent customers from doing so. Then, it is better to reclaim those abandoned shopping carts by persuading clients to finish their orders. Launching cart abandonment campaigns might help if you:

  • Create cart abandonment email campaigns with the help of email automation technologies;
  • Remind users to complete their purchase at a predetermined interval;
  • Use push notifications to remind them;
  • Use indications like Out of Stock, Countdown Timers, and other indicators that cause FOMO;
  • Show retargeting advertising to entice them back.

Improve customer service during Christmas 

People purchase the most during the Christmas season. The more people shop, the more problems arise. The objective of every shop owner is to give customers the proper customer care that resolves their problems. If it succeeds, 93% of shoppers will want to become loyal customers.

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to please every user, but here are some suggestions for improving your customer service:

  • Reduce the time it takes to respond on average;
  • Customer service should be multichannel;
  • Your website should provide a self-service option;
  • Use chatbots to solve frequent and recurring issues.

Expose the best-selling product

The public prefers your best-selling items. Your clients buy them all year, and if you put them in front of every visitor, they’ll at least look at them and perhaps buy them as well. Showing them frequently will attract more consumers and increase holiday sales, conversions, and other metrics. Here is how to get the word out about your best-selling items:

  • Showcase the top-selling goods in the bottom, landing pages, and other areas of the website;
  • Ensure that they are easily available to all visitors;
  • Create a distinct landing page for top-selling goods if feasible;
  • Emails and content are a great way to promote some specific items.

Optimize mobile shopping 

In 2016, mobile devices accounted for nearly half of all internet sales. By the end of 2021, this figure is expected to rise to 73%

Everyone enjoys a convenient and quick purchasing experience, which they may access just through their mobile devices. The basic line is that mobile shoppers should not be overlooked. Concentrating on giving customers the finest purchasing experience is the key, and it is even more important during Christmas sales.

New offer for the First-time Buyer

Converting new clients is more expensive than converting current customers. But it does not mean that you shouldn’t pay attention to your new customers. If you can keep your first-time customer for a long time, they will eventually become lucrative for you. And nothing works better than rewarding those users with interesting prizes. Amazon has done it quite well.

There are some tips for retailers to keep first-time consumers by offering them enticing incentives:

  • Give them a discount, free delivery, or cashback for example on the users’ first purchase;
  • Make offers that are just available to first-time purchasers;
  • Give them first dibs on the next sale;
  • Make a referral incentive offer to them.

Creating a sense of urgency

Including some countdown for offers might create the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) among customers. Many big brands had used the ”limited time only” offer, which shaped the shoppers to spend billions of dollars over the Christmas sales in both online and physical stores. 

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Here’s how to utilize a sense of urgency:

  • Countdown clocks can be added for sales, discounts, or products that are about to run out of stock.
  • Customers will receive bonus points if they purchase the goods before the deadline.
  • Show how many goods are left in stock.
  • Notify consumers by email, SMS, or social media when things are out of stock, a sale is over, and so on.

Engage buyers with email marketing

Email marketing isn’t going out of style anytime soon. Many digital marketers are using emails to persuade potential buyers of their products. What’s more, they still utilize it because it produces incredible outcomes.

When retailers apply email marketing to give coupons and prizes, 7 out of 10 customers will use them. Emails not only drive traffic to your website, but they can also convert visitors.

But keep in mind that sending random emails is similar to shooting in the dark. As a result, every merchant needs to devise a foolproof approach to boost Christmas sales.

Here are some tips to make an email marketing strategy really work:

  • Choose the finest email platform for your requirements. HubSpot, MailChimp, and Optinmonster are just a few examples;
  • Avoid common email marketing blunders, such as not sending welcome emails or utilizing a lot of stock photos;
  • Send your audience segmented and personalized emails;
  • Always use A/B testing to test your emails;
  • Optimizing your emails to make them mobile-friendly;
  • Avoid being self-promotional in your communications. Make an effort to add value to their lives;
  • Keep an eye on the delivery of your emails. If that doesn’t go well, you risk ruining your reputation.

Provide free shipping and simple return policy

Don’t overcharge for shipping, that is the most important thing that store managers should know, especially during Christmas sales. Instead, free shipping is highly considered.

Along with shipping, retailers should make the return process as simple as possible. The number of returns increases dramatically throughout the holiday season. When a consumer is dissatisfied with a product and wants to return it, give them the most straightforward way.  

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Let’s take some advice to improve your return policy and take advantage of free shipping:

  • Set a maximum price for free shipment;
  • Make your free shipping event known;
  • Include the cost of shipping in the product price;
  • Make it simple for customers to return items;
  • Clearly include the return deadline on every product page.

Closing thoughts

Christmas sales can make people rush into buying goods without even giving it a second thought. So, retailers should use this as a golden opportunity to increase profits and holiday earnings. If you still have questions about it, contact us immediately to find out the answers. 

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