What You Should Look For In Your Retail POS System

Any software that facilitates retail transactions is referred to as a retail POS system. Customer relationship management, inventory control, or sales reporting and more, might be considered as necessary aspects when running a business. Let’s take a closer look at the most crucial features that a POS solution must have to straightforwardly strengthen your store’s performance.

5 features you must look for in a retail POS system

Inventory management

Whether you have a few or hundreds of goods, inventory management capability can assist in keeping track of them and optimizing stock management strategy. So to never run out of supply, look for a system that allows you to organize your items by category, manage stock across various locations, and create and submit purchase orders.

To keep track of your inventory, it is useful to design and print barcodes. You may create a unique barcode for a new product and enter the product data into the sales system if you’re stocking it. Scanning items as they enter your inventory and again when they’re sent to another business or sold will keep you up to date on your stock levels.

Flexible payment options 

Your POS should allow various types of payments in the manner that your consumers want. While conventional payment methods like cash and credit cards are still popular, cashless payment has never been more popular, so make sure you can take advantage of mobile payments using Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay. Another factor to consider is split payments.

Employee management

Look for a retail POS system that allows you to manage your employees with the same software that you use to manage your sales. This feature will decrease your administrative load, enhance your rostering, and provide you with full insight into employee performance.

Customer support

Even though your POS is simple to set up and use, there may be times when you need the help and guidance of an expert who knows everything there is to know about your system. Retailers lose time and money due to POS issues, so having someone on hand with the expertise and skills to help you resolve any issues is critical to your bottom line. As a result, while looking for a new POS system partner, you should carefully consider what kind of assistance they can provide.

Seamless in-store and online selling

Even if your company is now a brick-and-mortar operation, it’s worthwhile to seek a retail POS system that can handle Internet transactions. If you decide to open an online store in the future, you have to be able to handle eCommerce and in-store sales in a seamless manner. Then, the customers might find interest in electronic gift cards and some advanced eCommerce features like shipping labels, abandoned cart reporting, and email templates.

POS providers which can fully support these 5 features


ConnectPOS is designed for simplicity of use and speed, from data loading to ordering, invoicing, and payment procedures. It reduces the amount of time personnel spend on training and waiting for time-consuming clients.

For many uses, ConnectPOS allows you to modify the receipt template with your logo, website, and business address. It works with a variety of POS hardware providers, allowing you to keep the equipment you already have and save money on new gear.


This retail POS system is intended for retailers with one or more locations. Because of its inventory management features, which are commended by expert reviewers for their ability to sync in real-time across many locations, it is a fantastic choice for retail firms. Vend is suitable for businesses with a big volume of transactions.


Square‘s inventory management system allows you to manage an infinite number of goods and product categories, develop and print barcode labels, see stock levels throughout your store(s), and send email alerts when a product’s stock levels are running low.


Larger businesses that can afford Revel Systems’ enterprise management tools will find it handy when it comes to transferring information across numerous locations. Its iPad-friendly cloud-based solution includes software for inventory, personnel, and customer relationship management (CRM).


So if you want your business to flourish, you should commit to a retail POS system that meets your specific requirements. Our ConnectPOS guarantees that every retailer will get exactly what they require from their company. So contact us today to learn more about our cutting-edge POS technology and how it can help your business thrive.

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