Top 5 WooCommerce POS For Fashion Brands

One of the most popular open-source eCommerce platforms is WooCommerce. A lot of fashion retailers around the world are using WooCommerce for their operations. Point of sale (POS) systems are essential parts of this ecosystem. In this post, we’ll go through 5 of the best WooCommerce fashion POS plugins. 


ConnectPOS woocommerce pos fashion

ConnectPOS is an easy-to-use point-of-sale solution for WooCommerce-enabled websites. It has a three-step check-out procedure, speedy processing, and high computation accuracy. This program runs seamlessly on a variety of platforms, including the iPad, PC, and mobile phones.

The main features of this extension include multiple payments, refund, exchange, offline mode, and a customer app. Moreover,  ConnectPOS can also sync customers, goods and categories, tax legislation, and other settings in real-time. They create these features in order to give customers the most seamless omnichannel shopping experience possible.

Oliver POS


Oliver POS is another powerful POS system for fashion brands based on WooCommerce. It is a point-of-sale system designed specifically for physical retailers, allowing for seamless integration of eCommerce and physical storefronts. Oliver POS makes it simple for physical stores to sell items from their online inventory without having to use multiple systems. There’s no need for various integrations, synchronizing with other systems, or manually updating inventory with Oliver POS because everything is in one location.

Users can sign up and get started for free with the new Oliver POS Free Plan, which does not require a credit card.


woocommerce pos fashion square

Square Point of Sale is a WooCommerce retail POS that can be integrated into your business to enable fashion retail functionality. It allows you to sync inventory and product information between WooCommerce and Square POS.

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Square is a popular point-of-sale system that may help you manage fashion inventory, process transactions, provide reports and invoices, and more. When you activate this program in your WooCommerce store, it will let you edit and synchronize all changes in your inventory from Square to WooCommerce.



FooSales POS is a WooCommerce point-of-sale (POS) system that transforms any computer, iPad, or Android tablet into a real retail platform.

This system allows you to sell your items and administer your business from any location in the world, while seamlessly synchronizing your WooCommerce product inventory, order, and customer data. You can integrate your WooCommerce store with popular printers, scanners, card readers, and other devices to turn it into a completely integrated retail platform. Retail stores, marketplaces, pop-up shops, mobile events, and a variety of other scenarios are ideal for FooSales POS.

PayPal Zettle POS

woocommerce pos fashion zettle

PayPal Zettle POS (previously iZettle) is a one-stop shop for cutting-edge commerce technologies, with everything you need to accept fast payments and simplify day-to-day operations as a fashion retailer.

Additionally, you can accept cash, cards, contactless payments, and more with the PayPal Zettle point-of-sale system. You can connect WooCommerce to PayPal Zettle POS to keep all of your items and inventory in one location. As a result, you can focus on selling, keep your items up to date by maintaining them only in WooCommerce. When you make a sale on any platform, your inventory will automatically change.

Wrapping up

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We hope that this blog has introduced to you sufficient information about the top WooCommerce POS for fashion brands. Don’t hesitate to contact our team if you have any questions.

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