5 Grocery Industry Trends You Should Know

It’s no surprise that lots of grocery industry trends are reshaping traditional shops and altering the industry’s landscape. Consumer grocery shopping behaviors have altered dramatically as a result of stay-at-home orders, restaurant limits, and the increase of remote employment driven by the COVID-19 pandemic. In this blog, we will discuss the top 5 grocery industry trends that you should know as a retailer.

Online grocery ordering

Although the majority of customers prefer to buy in person, this does not mean that online grocery shopping is becoming less popular. Grocery shopping is seen as a chore by some customers, and small and major grocery businesses are aware of this tendency. Since COVID, many merchants are seeing online ordering as a viable alternative thanks to its convenience. 

grocery industry trends online ordering

For this reason, store owners and managers should think about software compatibility with their POS systems and pick the correct service provider before establishing an online ordering process. In this case, an omnichannel POS can be beneficial. If you are looking for a POS like this, don’t hesitate to try out ConnectPOS, a leading point of sale provider for omnichannel retailers all over the world.


Rapid fulfillment solutions

Curbside pick-up and home delivery, in addition to online ordering, have grown in popularity as a result of COVID-19. Customers may want to keep using these handy choices when the pandemic is over. They also want their requests to be completed as soon as feasible.

Grocery stores are improving shop design to meet the increased need for quick online order fulfillment. To accommodate specialized fulfillment and pick-up spaces, maximizing existing space has become a primary focus. Automation and dark facilities are two more options.

grocery industry trends automation

Technological intervention

The next thing on our list of the top grocery industry trends is technological intervention. The use of technology to enhance efficiency, decrease errors, and boost profit is the most significant trend in the grocery retail market.

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Some examples are grocery automation software, updated POS and back-office software, and mobile grocery. There have also been a rise in self-checkout lanes and grocery automation solutions.

Meal kits and pre-packaged food

The focus on meal kits and pre-packaged goods is a new trend we’ve noticed in the grocery store. Customers want convenience, and many shops are willing to provide it.

Growing families have less time to make dinner every night of the week, therefore meal kits are becoming increasingly popular. These meal kits aren’t only for dinner; there are breakfast, lunch, and dessert meal kit alternatives as well. They should also cater to everyone’s demands, including those of teenagers, busy families, and individuals.

grocery industry trends meal kit

Loyalty programs

Grocery stores have long openly discussed expanding their loyalty programs beyond simple point-based systems. As eCommerce makes it simple for buyers to move from their trusted supermarkets, paid membership programs promise to strengthen customer loyalty. Grocers might also host special events for members, provide early access to new items, and partner with other businesses to provide discounts.

Wrapping up

As an independent supermarket, it’s essential to keep up with the grocery industry trends that matter and have an impact on your profit margins. If you have any questions, contact us for more information.

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