Top 5 BigCommerce POS For Fashion Brands

Fashion is a rapidly evolving industry, with new trends emerging every year or even every quarter. You should expect a lot of competition in such a thriving market. To stand out in a crowded market, your brand must make a strong operation. In this post, we’ll provide you with the most up-to-date information about the best 5 BigCommerce POS systems for fashion brands.


ConnectPOS bigcommerce pos fashion

ConnectPOS is one of the top BigCommerce retail point-of-sale systems on the market today. As a cloud-based POS, the system provides a seamless online-to-offline experience. The system is compatible with a variety of devices, including PCs (Windows and Mac OS) and mobile applications (Android, iOS).

ConnectPOS stands out among the top BigCommerce POS systems since it includes all of the most important elements for enhancing the services of a fashion business. The excellent real-time synchronization that keeps you up to date on the inventory level is what makes ConnectPOS genuinely stand out. 

ConnectPOS additionally optimizes the store experience with cutting-edge technology like the PWA Consumer App and AI Face Recognition. Customers will receive a personalized experience where their styles and favorite items are taken into consideration.



Square POS is one of the best BigCommerce POS systems for fashion brands because of its online payment processing, inventory tracking, insights/analytics, and other capabilities. Merchants can use the system on both iOS and Android.

In addition, this company provides both POS software and hardware. The program allows you to operate both online and offline. Square POS also features top-line reporting and analytics, which can be viewed immediately from the app. This helps fashion retailers sell products everywhere from brick-and-mortar stores to local markets.


bigcommerce pos fashion lightspeed

Lightspeed is a must-have for the list of top BigCommerce POS systems because of its great and simple-to-use retail solutions. This point-of-sale system is designed to assist fashion business owners in managing several locations.

When it comes to inventory and business administration, this technology allows merchants to import all pieces of clothing from a previous store. Moving goods from one area to another is straightforward. Lightspeed also offers a CRM toolkit to assist retail owners in increasing customer loyalty. If you enable gift cards in the system, customers can also buy and use them.



Clover is a customized system for any industry, including fashion stores, thanks to the Clover marketplace’s numerous retail apps. Its excellent inventory management, mobile gift card capabilities, loyalty program, and real-time smartphone app for iPhone and Android are some of the features that fashion stores will like. 

Furthermore, Clover has a variety of desktop hardware solutions, including the Station, Mini, and Flex, with which you may mix and combine to create your ideal arrangement. You can also use the Clover Go app and card reader to sell on the go at events.


bigcommerce pos fashion shopkeep

ShopKeep is the BigCommerce POS software that fashion company owners need for a safe and straightforward experience. ShopKeep is a cloud-based platform that allows merchants to optimize their company operations, from managing employees and inventory to obtaining business data and consumer information. ShopKeep is a cross-platform app that works with both Android and iOS devices.

Additionally, it provides AppCard-powered loyalty program administration solutions. Gift card integrations and email receipts for future customer promotions are also available.

Wrapping up

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We hope that this blog has summarized some important information that you need to know about the top BigCommerce POS systems for fashion brands. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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