Top 5 Shopify POS For Fashion Brands

Many elements of a POS system in the commerce sector have been discussed in our blog posts, including how much a POS helps you as a business owner and operator, as well as how much a POS costs. If all of that information hasn’t satisfied you sufficiently due to its generality, we’ll go further into the fashion sector today. This article will provide an overview of the best Shopify POS systems for fashion firms, as well as a summary of their key features.


ConnectPOS shopify pos fashion

ConnectPOS is a leading cloud-based Magento POS solution for multichannel fashion retailers. This system can meet the special demands of fashion and accessory businesses because of its extensive feature set and scalability. This point-of-sale system is user-friendly and efficient. It’s also cost-effective and simple to scale up as your fashion business expands.

Furthermore, ConnectPOS can actively support you with a mobile POS system if you’re selling in situations that demand extra flexibility, such as a local fair or a trade exhibition. Any mobile device is compatible with ConnectPOS’ mobile version (either iOS or Android). Thanks to this feature at a reasonable price, ConnectPOS has a unique advantage that few other point-of-sale systems can achieve.

Shopify POS

shopify pos

Shopify POS is one of the most widely used mobile point-of-sale software solutions in the retail industry. The standard Shopify POS setup can run on an iPad, Android tablet, or PC with a web browser, but you can also offer and accept payments from your Android or iPhone while on the go—at farmer’s markets, pop-up stores, and so on. 

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Robust inventory management with online and offline inventory synchronizing, customer sales profiles, accounting software connection and extensive reporting are just a few of the features that make Shopify POS ideal for Shopify fashion stores. Furthermore, Shopify’s own in-house payment processor offers competitive credit card rates.


shopify pos fashion vend

Vend is yet another popular clothing point-of-sale system that can be controlled via a web browser or an iPad app. This system is also fully compatible with your Shopify store (as well as WooCommerce and others). It is adaptable to a wide range of enterprises, from small shops to multi-location chains.

Vend is a simple application to set up and control. It’s possible that you’ll be able to utilize it with your current POS system and merchant services provider. Vend also partners with Square and PayPal (among other processors) for payment processing, so it is highly suitable for current Square or PayPal Here customers might want to consider adding a Vend subscription. Vend also provides customer service 24/7 if you have any troubles.



Clover is a scalable system for any type of business, including fashion shops, thanks to the Clover marketplace’s myriad of retail apps.

Clover’s comprehensive inventory management, mobile gift card capabilities, loyalty program, and real-time mobile app for iPhone and Android are just a few of the features that fashion shops appreciate. The Station, Mini, and Flex are the Clover’s tabletop hardware possibilities. Using the Clover Go app and card reader, you can sell on the go at events.

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Clover’s price, however, can get rather expensive depending on how many applications you utilize. However, with the powerful features it has, Clover is still a worthwhile Shopify POS for fashion brands.


shopify pos fashion square

Real-time inventory control, unrestricted SKUs, bulk purchasing, and PO management are just a few of the features that fashion companies will appreciate with Square. If your fashion store requires extra inventory features, it can be a nice upgrade over the standard Square POS.

It’s worth noting that more registers might cost up to $20 each month. Square may be an especially appealing bargain for individuals who already use the Square employee management add-on because of the free staff management and processing of special discounted offers.

Wrapping up

Now that you know some of the best Shopify POS systems for fashion stores, it’s time to try out your favorite one and decide on the most optimal option. Our team is always willing to help if you have any questions about point of sale systems or ConnectPOS.

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