How Can POS Increase BigCommerce Conversion Rate?

Conversion rate is an important measurement in any online store. It is the percentage of visitors who conduct the desired activity on a website (such as making a purchase or adding items to the cart), out of the total number of visitors. Without a doubt, businesses with a high conversion rate have greater chances of customers making a transaction. Therefore, this article will show some of the ways to increase your BigCommerce conversion rate with a POS system.

Save and retrieve a cart

Many of your customers shop on different devices, but they lose their shopping carts every time they switch appliances. Interestingly, transferring shopping carts between devices is simple with the ‘Save Your Cart’ option, and it doesn’t even involve logging in or creating an account. Your customers will receive an email with their cart and a button/link to recreate it from any device. 

‘Save Your Cart’ is a connection that automatically loads your store and saves a copy of the current shopping cart for your customers. When one of your customers shares the link, anyone who clicks it will be taken to a shopping cart where they can make a purchase. Integrating this function into your store can help increase the conversion rate, as it saves time for customers to look for an item again whenever they switch devices.

Support shipping

With the robust shipping and fulfillment tools, you can increase conversions, promote customer loyalty, and streamline your operations. You’ll get rid of organizational problems and keep your customers satisfied, who will be more likely to return for more shopping experiences.

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Free shipping is an effective way to reduce cart abandonment. Research has shown that 90% of customers would go online shopping more if they receive free delivery options. It will be beneficial to offer free shipping in specific zones, for particular goods, or by creating a coupon code or discount rule based on order total.

BigCommerce POS increase conversion rate - shipping

Support promotions

BigCommerce provides sophisticated but user-friendly promotion tools without using a third-party app, with over 70 discount options available out of the box. Offers can be promoted with banners on your homepage, product pages, and throughout the checkout process. 

To increase the BigCommerce conversion rate, businesses can encourage customers to add more items to their carts to receive the discount and let them know when they’ve unlocked a promotion. The good news is that businesses don’t have to do this manually, as this can be done with a good BigCommerce POS system.

Support different payment methods

Many times, customers leave the store during the checkout stage because they cannot find the preferred payment option. Therefore, businesses should accept various online payment options that make buying from mobile devices more flexible. 

With BigCommerce, merchants can choose from various pre-integrated online payment solutions that support over 140 currencies and 230 countries. It accepts big credit cards, PayPal, and Apple Pay in a single click to complete a transaction.

Allowing payments from customers all over the world and supporting various currencies can expand the scope of your business. Having a POS that supports various payments can become a competitive edge for your business, thus increasing the conversion rate.

BigCommerce POS increase conversion rate - payment method

Ensure mobile-friendly interface

For retailers in the digital age, providing an excellent mobile eCommerce experience might be no longer an option; it’s a requirement. In fact, nearly 75% of users prefer a mobile-friendly site. Luckily, BigCommerce is the industry’s one of the best e-commerce platforms for creating a stunning mobile shop. BigCommerce merchants can have near-instant page load times for mobile shoppers, thanks to native support for accelerated mobile pages (AMP)

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Operating in such a powerful eCommerce platform, merchants should find ways to optimize their mobile-friendly interface. Mobile shopping applications can be an effective tool for attracting and converting mobile visitors into real customers.

Wrapping up

There are multiple ways to increase BigCommerce POS conversion rate. However, a suitable POS system is always needed to support businesses in this process. To do so, ConnectPOS is an excellent point-of-sale provider on BigCommerce. Contact us for more details on how exactly can we help your business to increase the conversion rate

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