How to choose the best POS free trial

Are you a modern retailer looking for a POS system? Nevertheless, there are dozens of offers available on the Internet enticing you to take a free trial that might cause lots of confusion. In this article, we list out all the must-have functions to look for when using a POS free trial. Let’s check them out right now! 

Compatible with different platforms 

The most popular e-commercial platforms

The most pivotal characteristic of a POS trial is to work well with various e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, and so forth. It should be compatible with your base platform to avoid conflicts and unpleasant consequences. It would be much better if your POS matches with different technological devices from desktop to mobile and tablets. 

Real-time synchronization

Real-time synchronization
Real-time sync is a core benefit of POS system

You would never want to lose plenty of buyers because they are annoyed once you could not keep up with their current and historical purchases. POS software comes as a solution when it synchronizes real-time transactions and sends straightforward to POS central, for instance, the last dark-red fur was just sold out either online or offline, the number of inventory in your warehouse will automatically go to zero. 


click and collect
clicClick online and collect at the store

One of the much-needed features of a POS free trial is click-and-collect. This means your customers choose to order online and get their items delivered at their front door or self pick-up at the brick and mortar. It should be a must-need instead of an add-on function in your POS free trial. Not only offer your shoppers a multitude of options and let them go to the store around their schedule but also create more sales opportunities.

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This integration also enables you to fulfill orders and minimize delays, confusion, and the probability of losing customers. By creating a seamless shopping experience, it saves time for store owners, particularly in peak times that reduce the risk of shoplifting and stealing.

Various payment methods 

A trial version should come to grips with a wide range of payment options from cash, cheque to digital payments. Your POS software is also better to integrate with many payment gateways like Tyro, PayPal Here, Authorize.net, and Moneris, you name it! Not only offer countless options for e-wallet and credit cards, but POS software should also blow away your shoppers’ worries and wonder about the security and transparency of online transactions. A most e-commercial business thrives and expands overseas which tackles an issue of foreign currency. Hence, a POS trial free should support multi-currency and be well-fitted with your business scale.

Into the bargain, a demo version should have the functionality which is called “layaway and split tenders”. Layaway or partial payment allows your customers to place a deposit and pay off the balance later using any method. Meanwhile, split tenders permit a selection of two or more forms of payments in a single transaction. The reason behind those payment options is that some shoppers struggle with payment as a whole leading to hesitation to make a purchase. That being so, let’s ease your customers with the open-door payment policy right away. 

Online and offline mode

Online and offline mode
Connected 24/7 with online and offline

Keep connected to your store and process transactions whenever and wherever you go is surely a useful function a POS demo should have. It would allow sales assistants to respond to customers with a lightning-fast speed that results in better customer service. Forby, shop owners are able to manage and keep track of all online and in-store activities anywhere without a need for a wifi connection. 

In a nutshell,

It is always challenging to run a business, particularly in the prospect of the COVID19 pandemic and economic downturn. Nevertheless, innovative technology such as POS software is designed to make consumers more convenient, offer seamless shopping experiences, and come to grips with any problems of confusion regarding online purchases and in-store pickups. 

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Although not all POS systems integrate with the crucial features. Ergo, do not consume your time and get stuck with the troubles of taking a poor trial. Set up our 14-day POS free trial which integrates the holistic features of a premium package to thrive your business. Contact us to get more detailed information and experience the first-rate service now!

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