Best Magento POS With Real-Time Synchronization For Retail Businesses

Best Magento 2 POS With Real-Time Synchronization

Magento is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms which has plenty of handy e-commerce features and business functionalities to help online businesses thrive. And one of the most demanding features to look for in a great Magento 2 POS is real-time synchronization with Magento inventory. Therefore, in today’s article, we’ll reveal the best 5 Magento 2 POS with real-time synchronization for retail businesses. 

Why does real-time synchronization in inventory management matter?

Why does real-time synchronization in inventory management matters?

Every e-commerce business understands the importance of a POS system that has real-time synchronization in the inventory management feature, no matter what kind of business they are.  This is crucial for successful dealing and every retailer needs to manage stocks fruitfully and fulfill orders on time. A POS system with real-time synchronization with e-commerce platforms’ inventory management systems can definitely help. You do not want your customers to face any problem when doing their shopping or making purchases from you. Buyers want their orders to be processed fast. And they want the deliveries even faster. 

Thus, as business owners and operators, you need a POS with real-time synchronization to make life easier for you. Maintaining inventory for a big store cannot be done manually. A store having many consumer goods needs a solid POS solution. That’s why real-time synchronization with e-commerce platforms inventory is necessary. A good POS that synchronizes on a real-time basis can place stock orders in advance. This provides your customers with purchasing convenience. 

What is Magento 2 inventory management?

Magento inventory management

Magento is one of the most commonly used e-commerce platforms among merchants. The Magento 2 POS systems are full of extensive business features including Magento 2 inventory management. It supports selling in multiple locations. Real-time synchronization in Magento 2 inventory management can help operate your warehouse properly, especially when you have a multi-warehouse inventory system. Magento 2 POS helps businesses process transactions quickly. You can use this POS system for all types of business of all sizes. The functions included in Magento 2 inventory worth mentioning are handling orders, placing shipments, tracking orders, sales, etc. 

Best Magento 2 POS with real-time synchronization

Selecting the right Magento 2 POS with real-time synchronization in Magento 2 inventory management is vital. A good Magento 2 POS system with real-time synchronization can make your business thrive. There are many POS systems for Magento retailers to choose from. This can be puzzling for a POS buyer. For this, we have a few solid choices for you. Below are the top 5 Magento 2 POS with real-time synchronization to ensure your stock flow and maintain your stock levels all the time. 


Best Magento POS With Real-Time Synchronization For Retail Businesses: ConnectPOS

ConnectPOS is one of the best cloud-based POS software that can be integrated with multiple leading e-commerce platforms. Especially, it runs well on Magento 1 (1.8+) and Magento 2 (2.2+). It is easy to install as you can conveniently find ConnectPOS software one the Magento marketplace. 

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This POS syncs with Magneto inventory on a real-time basis to manage your stock effectively. Moreover, if you have multiple warehouses and each of them is supplying for more than one store, then ConnectPOS is perfect for you. With such a robust and powerful feature, businesses can get real-time synchronization in regard to inventory management, e-commerce function, and reporting. Being a great Magento 2 POS with a real-time synchronization feature, ConnectPOS provides businesses with more than 20 comprehensive reports, including inventory reports. Moreover, it can forecast sales and place inventory orders accordingly. 

Stock visibility in ConnectPOS
Stock visibility in ConnectPOS

You can elevate your Magento store with Magento POS by ConnectPOS. It is fast, feature-rich, scalable and intuitive, and trusted by 1000+ Magento retailers. And the POS is receiving a lot of love from the retailers on the platforms, as the rating is 5/5 on Magento marketplace. This software works amazingly on multiple devices from desktops, laptops to Android-based and iOS-based mobile appliances including smartphones, tablets, etc. 

ConnectPOS review on Magento marketplace
ConnectPOS review on Magento marketplace

Other worth-mentioning Magento features that align seamlessly with the nature of the platform are:

Magestore POS

Magestore POS

Just as its name suggests, this POS system deems one of the leading Magento POSs that works only on the Magento platform. Magestore POS offers retailers powerful features of Magento, including real-time synchronization in the Magento inventory management feature. Magestore is a highly customizable POS dedicated for Magento merchants only. With this POS, retailers can have their order data, customer data, and product data synced in real-time.

Inventory reports in Magestore
Inventory reports in Magestore
  • Sell more with inventory visibility
  • Centralize products in Magento core
  • Sync multi-channel & multi-location inventory
  • Enhance stock visibility with barcodes
  • Maximize profits with balanced stock levels
    • Ensure inventory accuracy
    • Manage multi-warehouse with ease
    • Transfer inventory seamlessly
  • Always have stocks for all sales channels
    • Centralize purchase orders
    • Plan the right reorder procedures
    • Streamline purchasing processes
  • Plan smarter with real-time reports
    • Minimize inventory costs
    • Improve business profits
    • Reduce the risk of overbuying

Boost My Shop POS

Boost my shop POS

Boost My Shop POS can synchronize with Magento inventory in real-time to manage online shops. It creates Magento inventory extensions to become an outstanding Magento 2 POS with real-time synchronization. With that being said, it can meet the requirements of e-commerce professionals. BoostMyShop POS helps e-commerce businesses with stock management, procurement, order preparation, etc. All are in real-time synchronization. 

Stock movement list in Boost My Shop POS
Stock movement list in Boost My Shop POS

Key function in Boost My Shop POS’s inventory extension for Magento (2.2.x, 2.3.x & 2.4.x):

  • Multiple stocks, multiple warehouses
  • Track inventory with stock movements
  • Stock helper and Sales forecast
  • Stock control and omnichannel support.
  • Mass stock editor
    • Mass stock quantity update in warehouse and shelf location
    • ​Inventory summary in product profile
    • ​Warehouse stock levels
  • Pending orders
    • Stock movement history
    • Manually create stock movements to update inventory
  • Stock lift
  • Stock transfer
  • Manage optimum inventory with preferred stock levels
  • Sell both physical stock (warehouse) and supplier stock
  • Warehouses routing rules

Ebizmarts POS 

ebizmarts POS

This POS software can sell any Magento merchandise and control inventories. Ebizemarts POS system synchronizes with Magento seamlessly. It syncs all the goods, stocks, and orders for an online business. You can check all the updates using a real-time connection. This POS system is configurable for taxation purposes. It can also sync with a Magento website. Furthermore, customers can return or exchange products easily using Ebizmarts POS. By default, Ebizmart POS facilitates business owners and operators to auto-sync every 10, 30 or 60 minutes or manually sync. For real-time synchronization, you need to set it up yourself. 

Inventory management in Ebizmarts POS
Inventory management in Ebizmarts POS

Other Magento features worth mentioning are: 

  • Discounts and custom pricing
  • Tier pricing
  • Customer management
  • Gift cards
  • Multiple tax levels
  • Cash up
  • Order notes
  • Configurable products
  • User role
  • Barcodes scanning
  • Print and email receipts
  • Online order look up

Lightspeed POS 

Lightspeed POS

Lightspeed is a powerful Magento 2 POS with real-time synchronization that offers retailers a complete inventory management system. It connects with Magento inventory management on a cloud-based platform.

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Additionally, it provides you with all the important tools for managing stocks on a real-time basis. All the products sync with the Magento store to process sales. It can control stocks at multiple warehouses. There will be no need to check the inventory manually.

Lightspeed Retail POS integration will synchronize your products data with your e-commerce website without any manual work. Even better, your sales order and customer details to your POS are all automatically synchronized. 

Inventory management in Lightspeed POS
Inventory management in Lightspeed POS

Key functions are: 

  • Sync inventory, orders, customers and automate manual processes.
  • Create products once and see them reflected on your connected shopping cart and marketplace.
  • Sync order information from your connected shopping cart and marketplace.
  • Automatically synchronize inventory between Magento and websites.
  • Keep inventory up to date both online and in-store.
  • Fully control product information like stock, different levels of prices, long and short descriptions, title and images
  • Sync multiple price levels to the website.
  • Sync customers’ information from the website to your POS.

Final thoughts

The top 5 POS system with real-time synchronization with Magento inventory can prove vital. The online shops on Magento need a good Magento 2 POS system that can sync inventory data in real-time. This saves a lot of time for e-commerce businesses and gets rid of barriers for customers to do their online shopping. Nowadays, plenty of POS systems can provide the necessary tools to synchronize stocks. And to help business owners and operators like you to find the best one, we’re here to help. 

We, ConnectPOS, have all the sources and abilities to develop a leading cloud-based POS software to ensure your omnichannel businesses. Our Magento 2 POS is outstanding with not only powerful real-time synchronization in the inventory management system, but also other meaningful features to make life easier for retailers like you. 

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Well, it’s not bragging if it’s true. Contact us now, or book your 14-day free trial to experience that “truth” yourself!

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