Best Shopify POS With Real-Time Synchronization

Best Shopify POS With Real-Time Synchronization

At this point, any e-commerce or online business acknowledges the importance of a POS system that can sync with the equivalent e-commerce platforms’ inventory management systems on a real-time basis. Previously in the other 2 articles, we have explored the best POS systems with real-time synchronization with Magento and BigCommerce inventory. Today, it’s all about Shopify – one of the most commonly used e-commerce platforms for online businesses. 

Without further ado, here are the best 5 Shopify POS systems with real-time synchronization in inventory management


Best Shopify POS With Real-Time Synchronization: ConnectPOS

ConnectPOS deems one of the leading Shopify POS integration for all devices as it works well on multiple devices from desktops, laptops to mobile appliances like smartphones and tablets regardless of operating systems. This POS deserves all the hype from the public as a Shopify POS as it requires no transaction fees. More than 200 stores on Shopify are enjoying creating seamless journeys with ConnectPOS. The love for this POS is undeniable as the rating for it from Shopify retailers is 4.6/5. 

One of the ConnectPOS reviews on Shopify
One of the ConnectPOS reviews on Shopify

Particularly, this is a robust Shopify POS with real-time synchronization that integrates with Shopify inventory management system to automate the inventory syncing process. The app instantly updates stock between inventory and the POS system for consistent shopping sessions. It does so by working on all the channels it is working on. This way, it helps to stop the overselling of the products. You can use this in many locations or warehouses because it is a cloud-based software. This real-time synchronization in the inventory management system uses the centralization method so that Shopify retailers can monitor their warehouses anywhere anytime on any device. No order goes unfulfilled when this app tracks online purchases thanks to ConnectPOS’s syncing in real-time capabilities. Users can subscribe to the ConnectPOS app monthly. You can use the ConnectPOS for free on a trial basis.

Real-time synchronization across stores in ConnectPOS
Real-time synchronization across stores in ConnectPOS

Other key features of Shopify POS by ConnectPOS are:

Shopify POS

Best Shopify POS With Real-Time Synchronization: Shopify POS

Shopify started as an e-commerce platform, and it’s still going strong being so. Additionally, the company has expanded its business to selling POS as well. Thus, it’s obvious that we can’t talk about the best Shopify POS with real-time synchronization without mentioning Shopify POS itself.

How to manage inventory in real-time with Shopify POS
How to manage inventory in real-time with Shopify POS

It is such a powerful tool to manage your inventory on a real-time basis as this POS helps you in more than one way:

  • A business can become self-sufficient in keeping stocks up to date. Also, it can keep inventories up to date. There is no need to do manual recordings. The employees can do more relevant tasks that the business demands. This way, a business gains new customers because it can serve better.
  • Automation of the inventory helps a store manage the stocks with ease. The business can save itself from the loss and waste of stocks this way.
  • There is no need to hire more employees for maintaining ledgers about inventory. This saves hiring expenses and salaries for a business. The store can now expand or even buy more products to sell. 
  • The POS system with a Shopify inventory app can forecast sales for you. A good syncing POS system is beneficial for e-commerce or any online business.

Vend POS

Best Shopify POS With Real-Time Synchronization: Vend POS

Vend POS system app syncs with Shopify inventory to give reliable results. The system is a multi-channel app that manages inventory. It can also manage sales and returns.

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The advantages of using this system include the self-regulation of purchases. This system simplifies the routes of orders made. Many businesses use this with the Shopify POS system to synchronize inventory. This helps a business to not run out of sales or stocks. You can use this system with other accounting apps as well. Vend POS system can provide you all the details of transactions. It can forecast sales and inventories. There is a trial period available for online retailers to try out this app for free.

Perform inventory count in Vend POS
Perform inventory count in Vend POS
  • Centralize operations: The seamless integration between Shopify and Vend allows you to manage all your locations and channels in real-time, and handle products, inventory, customers, and sales in one system
  • Stay on top of multichannel inventory: Easily manage inventory in Vend. Select which store and warehouse inventory to combine and sync with Shopify.
  • Sync products in a few clicks: Get set up in minutes. Save time only editing information in Vend and updates automatically sync back to Shopify.

Hike POS

Best Shopify POS With Real-Time Synchronization: Hike POS

This management app for keeping the inventory in order provides useful tools. The system is proficient in syncing with Shopify. It is cloud-based and syncs easily. This POS system is customizable and provides business reports.

The Hike app uses all the channels it has to treat sales and sync with Shopify inventory. It can process barcodes and returns made for products. Many extra features are useful for an online business in this inventory manager app. This app is able to make batch orders and manage inventories across warehouses. Using this app can reduce a lot of manual work. This helps a business save a lot of important time. You can use this management system with tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices.

Inventory management in Hike POS
Inventory management in Hike POS
  • Inventory sync
  • Sync all or some products online
  • Ready to sell in minutes
  • Order sync
  • Central product management
  • Central customer profiles
  • Inventory reports & analytics
  • Detailed sync log
  • Real-time sync
  • Absolutely free for Hike & Shopify users

Lightspeed POS

Best Shopify POS With Real-Time Synchronization: Lightspeed POS

Lightspeed POS is famous for its pyramid of integrations, offering businesses with numerous additional features other than the already available ones. This helps business owners build an ideal and suitable POS system for their businesses’ needs and demands. Moreover, it’s also easy and convenient for retailers to scale-up as they grow. 

Inventory management in real-time in Lightspeed POS
Inventory management in real-time in Lightspeed POS

Lightspeed POS integrates with Shopify through various third-party companies. For example, Accumula unites Lightspeed with Shopify/Plus, and Kosmos syncs Lightspeed and Shopify. This is one of the best Shopify POS with real-time synchronization thanks to its pyramid of features provided to Shopify retailers in regard to inventory management, such as:

  • Automate your work
  • Reach new markets
  • Unlimited orders, items and inventory
  • Better security
  • Sync orders and customers
  • Sync items and inventory
  • Sync multi-stores and locations
  • Flexible product information management across channels
  • Real-time inventory updates across platforms
  • Intelligently route e-commerce orders to optimize fulfillments including curbside, in-store pickup and returns/refunds
  • Automate inventory transfers

ConnectPOS – where the best is better!

Well, it’s not bragging if it’s true. ConnectPOS is the leading POS software to ensure an omnichannel business. It’s recommended when it comes to real-time synchronization with Shopify inventory. Even better, ConnectPOS is also compatible with other well-known e-commerce platforms which are Magento, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce in the very near future. 

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Give it a try which is absolutely free, and give your businesses a chance to thrive with ConnectPOS!

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