Best BigCommerce POS With Real-Time Synchronization For Smooth Business Operations

Best BigCommerce POS With Real-Time Synchronization

For many online retail businesses, a good POS (point of sale) system can provide essential business tools to work in real-time. As the online markets grow, e-commerce merchants need the best POS systems. An online store might need to process hundreds of sales orders at once. There are always concerns over keeping the right levels for stocks and processing sales quickly. POS software can manage these syncing online using cloud services. In today’s article, we’ll unveil the best 5 BigCommerce POS with real-time synchronization for smooth business operations.


Best BigCommerce POS With Real-Time Synchronization For Smooth Business Operations: ConnectPOS

One of the best BigCommerce POS with real-time synchronization with BigCommerce inventory is ConnectPOS. ConnectPOS system is a cloud-based software and connects with BigCommerce on a real-time basis. Many online retailers use ConnectPOS software because of its reliability. It tracks online orders and returns that happen in real-time. The warehouses need monitoring for the levels of stocks available. ConnectPOS is a cloud-based system which is capable of performing this function efficiently while syncing online. The ConnectPOS system comes with built-in support for all taxation obligations. That’s why all essential information, such as orders, customers’ information, products and taxation will be synced in real-time from your inventory to BigCommerce POS by ConnectPOS. 

All in all, this software is the best solution for synchronizing with BigCommerce inventory in real-time. The software can analyze business performance. It can print out sales and other important inventory reports. You can use this software on desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets, regardless of operating systems.

Reports in ConnectPOS
Reports in ConnectPOS

Other features offered to BigCommerce retailers by ConnectPOS include:

Lightspeed POS 

Best BigCommerce POS With Real-Time Synchronization For Smooth Business Operations: lightspeed POS

Lightspeed POS system can integrate with BigCommerce inventory on a real-time basis. It is a cloud-based POS system. This system can run on a PC, iPad, or other Android and Mac devices. You can use this POS system to control and manage stocks at your warehouses. It can process online orders and place stock orders by default. 

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The software is free to try on a trial basis. You can subscribe to the service for using high-level features for synchronizing all the business devices. 

Lightspeed inventory reports
Lightspeed inventory reports
  • Sell more products in more places
  • Automatically list products from Lightspeed Retail POS in BigCommerce and online marketplaces
  • Automate inventory workflows
  • Sync inventory to prevent stock outs, save time and avoid overselling
  • Manage product lists in one location
  • Automate fulfillment processes
  • Sync orders 
  • Inventory lookup
  • In-store pickup:

Shopkeep POS

Best BigCommerce POS With Real-Time Synchronization For Smooth Business Operations: ShopKeep POS

Shopkeep POS system offers all the syncing functions and features any online business needs. This POS system provides all the functions to manage stocks on a real-time basis. That’s why it is always in the lists of the best BigCommerce POS with real-time synchronization. 

Lightspeed BigCommerce integration is user-friendly and easy to understand. It is a very simple inventory management system for BigCommerce retailers. Keep track of stock movement between warehouse and point-of-sale. This platform can streamline and automate the inventory syncing. Lightspeed BigCommerce integration automatically updates inventory to BigCommerce, saving your time, and reducing costly errors. Our automated process will sync product catalog details from Lightspeed Retail POS to your BigCommerce and sales orders from BigCommerce to Lightspeed. It will automatically decimate inventory levels after-sales. When these processes are not automated, mistakes happen. Product details could be incorrect or missing and increase the overselling of your online sales channel.

Inventory reorder reports in ShopKeep POS
Inventory reorder reports in ShopKeep POS
  • Order synchronization 
  • Customer information sync
  • Real-time inventory sync
  • No overselling issue
  • Selling everywhere (on Farfetch, Amazon, and Google also from your control panel). 

Vend POS

Best BigCommerce POS With Real-Time Synchronization For Smooth Business Operations: Vend POS

You can synchronize Vend POS with BigCommerce Inventory for controlling your stocks, sales, and all other transactions. The system is cloud-based and works on a real-time connection. It has all the necessary features for running daily business tasks that are happening in real-time. The program integrates with BigCommerce to provide multiple payment choices for buyers. You can customize inventory management across multiple online stores. 

Inventory reports in Vend POS
Inventory reports in Vend POS

When setting up Vend with BigCommerce, you can combine and sync inventory from multiple Vend outlets and surface this on your BigCommerce store. You can select the inventory from one or more Vend outlets and make this available online for your customers to purchase.

  • Advanced tools, designed for modern retail
  • A central platform to manage stores and grow sales
  • 24/7, online and on the phone
  • Discover a better way to sell online
  • Keep up with the latest trends as your business grows
  • Top-of-the-line security

Clover POS

Best BigCommerce POS With Real-Time Synchronization For Smooth Business Operations: Clover POS

Small businesses use the Clover POS systems with BigCommerce inventory. The software is cloud-based and uses all the available channels to sync stocks, transactions, and sales on the real-time basis. Clover POS software comes with all the inventory management and sync features to work in real-time. It can maintain sales and process online transactions using the synchronization feature. It can sync sales, stocks, purchases, and other ongoing business activities on a real-time basis. Every transaction gets sync using an available online cloud service. The software can run on any Apple device. It can also work on desktops.

Real-time inventory management on Clover POS's interface
Real-time inventory management on Clover POS’s interface

Stock level updates are automatically updated on a five-minute interval basis by default (and may sometimes take up to 10 minutes). To change to real-time updates, please choose this under the Settings tab in the app.

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Other BigCommerce features:

  • Avoid overselling (Allocation) 
  • Outages and Automatic recovery
  • Automatically transfer sales and customer data
  • Difference engine
  • 100% inventory accuracy
  • Connecting disparate systems
  • Integrating existing products
  • Automatically sync inventory
  • Manage product lists, prices, inventory, sales, and customer data
  • Automatically sync sales, inventory, and customer data across multiple online and brick-and-mortar stores.

Which one to choose?

Above are the top 5 BigCommerce POS with real-time synchronization to ensure smart inventory management. As business owners and operators, you must be searching for the best things for your business, and if it’s the case, then you’ve already found that best POS system

ConnectPOS, the leading POS software for omnichannel retailers, takes pride in the ability to provide you with a robust and powerful POS solution. Our POS is feature-rich with tons of well-functioning features other than real-time synchronization in the inventory management system. Even better, ConnectPOS is compatible with not only BigCommerce but also other well-known e-commerce platforms including Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce in the very near future. 

Give us a call and give your businesses a chance to thrive! Or book your 14-day free trial now to immediately experience our globally standard product!

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