Top 5 Innovative Retail Ideas You Cannot Miss

Despite the growth of Internet shopping, individuals still prefer the in-store experience. And in-store purchasing is changing as a result of technological advancements. Here are five innovative retail ideas that make shopping more enjoyable, appealing, and convenient.

The virtual fitting room is one innovative retail idea

Not every shopper has the time or patience to stand in line and wait for fitting rooms to open. The virtual reality fitting room, where customers can visualize the products they wish to buy, is one inventive approach merchants may use to solve this issue.

People can obtain a quick, accurate image of what things will look like and how they will fit with this technology. This also improves the efficiency of the fitting room system. Adidas was previously working on constructing virtual reality changing rooms in the form of a body scanner, which would allow customers to make risk-free purchases without having to return them.

Amazon has since revealed plans for virtual reality dressing rooms utilizing a combination of monitors, cameras, and projectors. Gap has teamed up with Google in a similar effort to eliminate fitting rooms in the hopes of eventually taking over retail outlets.

Fast payment method 

Customers now prefer to select the items they want, leave, and an app charges their bank accounts instantly. So quick payment is one of the innovative retail ideas to consider. That is why retailers are now phasing out checkout lines entirely with new systems like Buy Online Pick up In-store, Click and Collect, etc. 

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With its Amazon Go shop, Amazon led the way. To automate the payment and checkout process, the business employs computer vision, deep learning, and sensor fusion technologies. In 2020, Amazon is projected to open hundreds more Go locations, but they aren’t the only ones offering a comparable experience. A great supporter for merchants in this field is ConnectPOS. Many payment methods can run smoothly with this software.

Keep track of your online and offline purchases

A retail business can benefit from combining online and physical channels. Retailers, for example, may install terminals in-store that allow customers to check online to see if things are in stock and where they are. This is advantageous since many buyers check online businesses to see if anything is in stock.

Consider what would happen if retailers allowed customers to enter a store, approach an item they previously looked at, and then receive a push message in their inbox via an app or email. This can assist in increasing sales by reducing the likelihood of clients forgetting products or persuading them to make a hasty, last-minute purchase.

Interactivity with customers

Customers remember immersive experiences created by interactive retail displays long after they’ve left your business. They may be used for an inventory display, digital storytelling, or anything else that draws people’s attention. One innovative retail idea is keeping a connection with your customers.

Tiffany & Co. is a fantastic example of this, having included a vending machine packed with merchandise to provide consumers with a more distinct experience than just picking items off a shelf. Meanwhile, UGG footwear has used interactive signage systems that use RFID technology to offer in-store customization.

Augmented Reality

Consider augmented reality (AR) to be the technical relative of virtual reality (VR). It combines what you see in front of you with additional information or material on your screen using a smartphone camera. It’s a fun interactive experience that simulates a real-life setting and the products that customers could purchase.

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AR can persuade buyers towards buying something, whether it’s a pair of sneakers or a vehicle. Converse, for example, launched The Shoe Sampler, which allowed customers to preview how the shoes would appear on their feet before purchasing them. Then there’s Audi’s usage of virtual reality to provide a personalized client experience.


After getting 5 innovative retail ideas above, you can create excitement for your customer when visiting your store. And if you want to earn more revenues, contact us immediately to receive the best solution for your business.

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