5 Must-have BigCommerce POS Features For Your Omnichannel Business

It is critical to have strong business management techniques, depending on the sort of firm you have. It may assist you in managing customers, inventory, reporting, and other aspects. Let’s take a look at the 5 BigCommerce POS features of an effective approach to help you pick up the most suitable one for your business.

Invoicing must be one of BigCommerce POS features

One of the most important BigCommerce POS features is to keep track of the transactions that took place in your shop. When waiting for lines to expand, it’s critical to record sales transactions promptly in your system, thus having software that allows you to scan and sell things without wasting time is advantageous to a retail firm.

A variety of invoicing transactions are possible with some POS software. Merchants may keep track of sales, orders, rents, repairs, consigned items, supplier purchases, and inventory transfers, for example.

Multi-store Management

Most POS systems are designed for single-store or single-location business owners, and as a result, they do not match the demands of network retailers like franchises, buying groups, or corporate networks. You can manage your data and improve inventory for each store using a POS system that supports numerous stores, such as ConnectPOS. It helps users manage several stores within the same software. Multi-store management allows you to tailor each sort of business to meet their specific demands and manage them all from a single location.

Outstanding Inventory Management

Another BigCommerce POS feature is to manage your inventory in real-time and keep track of the number of items you hold over time. All you have to do when you receive your order is a scan or input the products, and everything will be recorded in the program. Once you’ve scanned all of your things, determining the number of each item in your inventory will be considerably easier. This makes determining how much you should have and how much you really have much easier. Because of losses, theft, and other factors, the assumed quantity may differ from the actual quantity.

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With this sort of feature, managing your inventory becomes a breeze. A cloud-based POS system allows you to see what current stock owners have in their businesses without having to perform frequent and time-consuming manual inventory inspections. Having a stock count report and being able to regulate it is much easier.

Integrated Supplier Purchases is another BigCommerce POS feature

A BigCommerce POS feature is keeping track of purchases made from vendors. Supplier purchases are important for proper inventory management and can be undertaken to ensure the business’s operations. For tracking purposes, all purchases made by the shop may be instantly logged in the POS system.

Having a POS system that allows you to make purchases from your suppliers will make inventory monitoring easy to follow. It will be easier to organize your orders with your suppliers and know the quantity you require if you have a purchasing feature. This will allow you to keep the bare minimum of goods on hand while also lowering your expenditures. A POS system also allows you to limit consumer orders depending on inventory levels.

Consistent and Customizable Reports

A POS system allows you to generate reports on a variety of topics, including accounting, sales, inventory, and so on. It outlines the company’s actions over a certain time period and allows for the tracking of the company’s progress.

Reports will be easier to develop and evaluate than ever before. Reports for many parts of the business are automatically generated thanks to a POS system. Sales, contacts, pricing, acquisitions, inventory, and so on are all included. It would be easy to compare your company’s development and create new goals for your stores if you have reports for multiple areas.


Because there are still many more BigCommerce POS features of a cloud-based POS system, it’s critical to understand your needs and the key elements you want before making your decision. So call us immediately to receive the best advice and beneficial solutions.

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