Retail Customer Retention Tips For Omnichannel Business

Retail customer retention is one important feature that every shop owner needs to pay attention to. It is less expensive than acquiring new customers, and moreover, it might successfully promote the brand. So, today’s article would introduce 5 tips to retain customers for omnichannel businesses. 

Reward loyal customers

Customers nowadays have access to a wide range of retail venues as well as Internet possibilities. So, if people keep returning to your store, it implies they trust your brand. Reward such loyal clients for each purchase they make on a regular basis.

Retail customer retention

According to research, 83% of customers said loyalty programs encourage them to do business with a firm again, and 49% indicated they spend more after joining a reward program.

Creating a compelling loyalty program that includes unique discounts can enhance retail customer retention. Buyers would find it appealing when they have access to the shop lounge, limited-edition merchandise, and other special benefits. Customers will appreciate loyalty programs since they will help you create long-term connections with them and provide them with value for money.

Provide customers with the seamless shopping experience

Create an omnichannel retail experience, such as a social media ad, a smartphone push notification, an email newsletter, a conversion with your live chat choices, or a visit to your retail shop, to take advantage of eCommerce. 

To create an exceptional shopping experience, seamless integration from a touchpoint to the next one is required. By removing barriers across various business channels, you enable your customers to connect with a firm in a way that seems natural to them.

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When creating an online shop with ConnectPOS, you can combine all of your channels for a successful omnichannel experience, including social media, apps, PWAs, websites, offline stores, payment gateways, and shipping solutions.

Gain referrals from your present clients

With a referral program, you will keep your present clients while also gaining new ones. If your margins are low and your marketing budget is limited, referrals are a terrific option for retail customer retention since 32% of all verbal recommendations lead to sales.

Customers who refer their friends and family to your store should be honored. Offer discounts on things or services to both the referrer and the referee, use gift cards or thank them on your website or social media page. Gift cards are utilized as an incentive for customer referrals.

Stay in touch with your consumers

You don’t have to wait for consumers to contact you. Instead, make an effort to communicate with them on a regular basis. Small gestures like a “hope you’re safe” greeting, a “we miss you” note, or an email on new releases or store-exclusive deals will help keep the channels of communication open.

Retail customer retention

You may engage with your consumers on a frequent basis through social media, emails, text messages, live chat, and other methods. Ask which channels they like to be reached through to prevent breaching their privacy. Check your communication frequency as well; sending too many messages might irritate your consumers.

Use data to personalize retail customer retention

Data may assist you in learning more about your clients’ wants and preferences. Use the information you’ve gathered from loyalty programs, shopping carts, POS systems, social media, and other consumer contact points to tailor marketing and communications to your current customers.


To strengthen your retail customer retention, you will need to provide value beyond a purchase. So contact us immediately to know more tips and solutions for your own business.

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