Top 5 Boutique POS System Options

Every fashion business nowadays strives to provide distinctive items as well as a more pleasant buying experience. Boutiques may use cloud-based point-of-sale systems to enhance these advantages by allowing shopkeepers to do things like check up client purchase histories and track which products are best sellers. Are you finding a powerful POS for your boutique? In this blog, we will give you the top 5 most outstanding boutique POS system options.


For omnichannel retailers, ConnectPOS is one of the best cloud-based POS software options. ConnectPOS can meet the unique needs and demands of various business kinds, especially fashion and accessory firms, thanks to its extensive feature set and adaptability. This POS system is user-friendly and functional. It’s also cost-effective and easy to scale up as your fashion store expands. 

Furthermore, ConnectPOS can actively help you with a mobile POS system if you’re selling in places that demand additional flexibility, such as a local fair or a trade exhibition. The mobile version of ConnectPOS can operate well on any mobile device (either iOS or Android). This is a big advantage of ConnectPOS that very few point of sale systems nowadays can have.

ConnectPOS boutique pos system


The next boutique POS system on our list is Lightspeed. Lightspeed Retail was founded in 2005 and is currently utilized by a lot of companies all over the world. This hybrid system may be used on an iPad through a specialized app or on a desktop PC using a web browser. 

Customizable tags, an inventory matrix, and the ability to handle bulk products are just a few of Lightspeed’s inventory capabilities. With built-in eCommerce, you can build your own purchase orders and complete them across various suppliers, as well as maintain your online and offline stocks in sync.



Vend is another popular boutique POS system that can be controlled via a web browser or an iPad app.

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This provider, like the other cloud POS systems on our list, is simple to set up and operate, and you may be able to integrate it with your existing POS hardware and merchant services provider. This POS also works with various payment processors for payment processing. For example, current Square or PayPal Here customers might want to explore adding a Vend subscription to their “fashion boutique software” offerings. This software also provides help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in case you have any problems.

Vend is scalable for companies of all sizes, from single-location boutiques to multi-location chains. However, it is primarily targeted at small retail shops.

boutique pos system - vend


Clover is an all-in-one cloud POS system that integrates hardware and software into a single streamlined package. It is a customizable system for any business, including fashion stores, thanks to the Clover marketplace’s abundance of retail apps.

Clover’s superior inventory management, mobile gift card capabilities, loyalty program, and real-time mobile app for iPhone and Android are some of the features that retail boutiques might prefer. This system has a variety of countertop hardware options, including the Station, Mini, and Flex. You can mix and combine to create your ideal arrangement. With the Clover Go app and card reader, you can also sell on the go at fashion events.



Square for Retail is a version of the Square POS app that focuses on the retail industry. If you’re using the free version of Square, Square for Retail includes inventory functionality as well as Square Team Management.

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The key difference between Square for Retail and Square POS is that Square for Retail has more inventory management tools. Real-time inventory tracking, limitless SKUs, bulk importing, and PO management are all features that fashion businesses will love. It’s just as simple and straightforward to use as any other Square product. This might be a good upgrade from the regular Square POS if your boutique needs more inventory features.

boutique pos system - square

Wrapping up

All of the aforementioned boutique POS system options are simple to use and far less expensive than on-premise software. The beauty of cloud-based solutions is that you can pay as you go and try out the software before committing to buy it.

If you are interested in ConnectPOS, don’t hesitate to contact us or start a free trial!

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