How To Successfully Run Your O2O Business On Shopify?

The O2O (Online-to-Offline) business model refers to when companies approach customers on online platforms and persuade them to make a purchase in the physical store. It is no longer a rare business model, however, only a few companies can make the most out of it on Shopify. So what are the tips on how to successfully run an O2O business on Shopify?

Integrate omnichannel technology

omnichannel technology

From browsing to order fulfillment, omnichannel retail is a method of commerce that focuses on giving customers a single experience through digital and physical platforms. The idea behind omnichannel retail is that combining several touchpoints adds value, and that the whole is greater than the sum of its pieces. Their digital interactions are shaping people’s in-store habits and preferences. Consumers, who were once happy to shop only in physical stores, now want to engage with brands through online and offline platforms.

The need for retailers to be everywhere has given rise to omnichannel shopping, in which customers can switch seamlessly between various channels while still receiving a single experience. In order to do so, powerful technology should be integrated, such as a Shopify point-of-sale (POS) system with excellent click-and-collect features. Businesses can handle complex requirements with ease, such as paying online and picking up in store.

Personalize customer experience

run o2o business Shopify - personalized experience

In a research, 52% of respondents said they appreciated personalized product suggestions. You may not know your customers by name as an online store owner, but you have the opportunity to learn a lot more about them.

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There’s no better time to evaluate your own company’s personalization efforts than now – when the world is in the grip of a global pandemic that has eradicated face-to-face interactions. Many brick-and-mortar companies have shifted their attention to their online stores or have for the first time launched a website. Either way, a more personalized customer experience should be focused on, so that to connect more with your clients.

Having customer data on hand, the close relationship that bridges you and your customers is now within reach. You can, for example, make suggestions based on each customer’s shopping history, or recommend similar items based on their wish lists.

Optimize mobile experience

mobile experience

The concept of mobile optimization is not new. However, the capabilities of retailers to communicate with mobile shoppers through technology have progressed well beyond the limitations of the first generation of smartphones. In fact, according to BigCommerce, 54% of total eCommerce revenue will come from mobile by 2021. 

Without a doubt, if you want to attract customers online, having a mobile-friendly interface is a must. It is similar to the layout of your physical store – customers can leave if it is poorly organized and difficult to shop.

Offer click-and-collect features

Provide a seamless pickup option for your customers that works with your store’s current shipping and styling. With an easy-to-use interface or mobile app, you can increase your conversion rate and give your customers the option of picking up their orders in-store. The click-and-collect procedure often goes like this:

  • The customer confirms that they want to pick up their product at the physical store.
  • The customer chooses a pickup date for their order.
  • (Optional) The consumer chooses the name and phone number of the individual who will be collecting the money.
  • The product “Store pickup” is immediately attached to the cart, allowing the order to be picked up.
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Once again, this can be done with a decent POS system.

Mention both online and offline platforms in your marketing campaign

run o2o business Shopify - marketing

Are you unsure about whether to market your brand online or offline, or what should be included in a marketing campaign to run a successful O2O business on Shopify?

The answer is: Be flexible. There is no fixed formula for an O2O success. Perhaps it is best to mention both online and offline channels in your marketing campaign, as you never know if a specific customer prefers which platform. It can also be wise to highlight the possibilities of an omnichannel experience, which connects both platforms together. 

Wrapping up

To run a smooth-running O2O business on Shopify, multiple strategies should be executed, and we hope the list above can support you in this process. 

As mentioned above, it can be beneficial to integrate omnichannel technology, such as a POS system. With perfect click-and-collect features, ConnectPOS can help Shopify businesses with it. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.

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