How your POS can increase Christmas sales

How Your POS Can Increase Christmas Sales

Yes, it truly is the most beautiful time of the year, and busiest too. Everybody is out preparing gifts for their loved ones, and maybe a few for themselves. It’s when businesses are looking for ways to increase sales. As a Christmas gift for you – retail business owners, we are going to present you with 5 Christmas sales tips on how to maximize the use of your POS systems and grow your profit this holiday season. 

Nowadays, point-of-sale systems are no longer just a place to ring sales, they are full-fledged retail management systems. POS systems can run the store from the first contact you have with the inventory, to when you finish selling. Moreover, POS systems can even manage your customer experience; it is every business best friend.

Review inventory

During the Christmas season, it’s common to stock up on popular products. Nevertheless, there are a few extra things to pay attention to this holiday. 

With that said, our first Christmas sales tips is that you should check your POS and learn what products have done well in sales recently, what products did not so good, and what products sold out last year with the report features. Your POS might even be able to forecast which products will sell well this season. 

Once you have the needed information, you can order products with more accuracy. Furthermore, you can use that data to decide on how to set up your store. 

For example, you could put your best-sellers up front to draw customers in, and scatter the rest around the store to encourage customers to go through the whole store. You could also place products that weren’t selling well in more visible locations. One of the reasons for a product being on the shelves for so long is because it was hidden behind other products or put in the wrong place. 

inventory management
Display sitting inventory to attract customers

A tip for sitting inventory is to get creative with how you display it to the audience. For instance, for clothing items that are hard to sell, you might want to try working them into an outfit on a mannequin so that customers could see them in full context. This could help customers get the idea and understand how to wear tricky clothes. You could even dub the not-so-cute sweater as ‘ugly sweater’ and that would sell like hotcakes.

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If you are looking for a POS system with an outstanding inventory management system and up-to-date report-produce features, look no further, ConnectPOS is the right choice for your business. 

Schedule employees

A next Christmas sales tips is that your POS system should either have an employee scheduling software.

Schedule employees
Schedule the best employees for peak hours

The employee management system would be able to help you keep track of your staff better, identify your best seller staff based on employee data. It could also predict peak hours in the holiday season based on last year data. 

With all that information, you could easily ensure your peak hours are staffed by your top employees. 

ConnectPOS is the perfect POS system with excellent staff management features, helping you to better manage and have full control over your employees. 

Utilize mobile POS

Most POS systems these days not only operate on traditional desktop registers but also on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. If you haven’t used mobile registers yet, now is your chance to jump on it. Having a mobile POS is a must, especially on the holiday season. Mobile registers are extremely helpful for several reasons

  • Ring up customers anywhere in the store: This means no more long, slow lines of queuing. Customers wouldn’t have to walk to the registers since employees can bring the registers directly to them; hence, better customer service and better sales. 
  • Ring up customers anywhere you go: You could take your tablets and smartphones anywhere along with your products. Which means that you could sell in different locations besides your stores like festivals, pop-up shops, weekend markets, etc. More opportunities, more sales. 
  • Easier access to CRM (Customer Relationship Management): Since a mobile POS gives you access anywhere in the store, it would be much easier to access customer data. Instead of having to disengage from customers to go to the counter to check the information and waste more precious time, a mobile POS could help staff quickly check the details right on-the-spot without causing any disruptions to any customers. 
mobile POS
Employees can assist multiple customers at once with mobile POS

Imagine this, your stores are crowded with customers asking for assistance, wanting to checkout, and wanting to wrap gifts. All of this would be a breeze with a mobile POS. Employees could easily help multiple customers at different places in-store without having to come back to the counter register for every needed task. 

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ConnectPOS is proud to provide you with the most advanced and feature-rich mobile POS, right within your reach. 

Offer multiple payment options

Whether your stores are online or offline, if you aren’t providing multiple payment options to your customers, you might lose conversion as customers are on the final step of their checkout process.

multiple payment
Multiple payment options bring satisfaction to customers

As the holiday season approaches, customers usually do a lot of shopping, and they wouldn’t want to miss out on an item just because there weren’t any suitable payment options. Therefore, our Christmas sales tips for you is to have a POS system that offers multiple payment options. 

More specifically, offering multiple payment options has the following advantages

  • Increase conversion rates: When customers have more ways to make a payment, they are more likely to go through with the checkout. More payment options equal more sales.
  • Lesser abandoned carts: The same applied to online sales, carts are often abandoned due to the lack of payment options. Online customers generally give up their shopping because of not being able to pay by mobile payments or split payment.  
  • Increase brand credibility: If you could offer buyers multiple options to pay, you are positioning your brand as someone who understands and values the needs of their customers and takes them into consideration. Which could only boost your credibility towards customers.

ConnectPOS offers multiple options for payment, including cash, debit/credit cards, gift cards. It also integrates with various payment solution providers all over the world like Paypal, Payment Express, Moneris, etc. Moreover, customers could purchase with layaway payment, split-tender payment, or deposits. 

Utilize click-and-collect, delivery options

There is going to be an increase in online shopping this holiday because of COVID and social distancing. Besides, people tend to shop online rather than at physical stores on holiday season since they have to buy a lot of stuff, making online shopping much faster and convenient. Therefore, businesses should utilize options like click-and-collect (buy online pick up in store BOPIS), curbside pickup, or drive-in. 

Christmas delivery
Free shipping and wrapping is a plus point in Christmas

Your online website should make clear of what shipping or pickup options you offer to your customers. Make sure that you have enough resources like boxes, postages, and other necessary items to efficiently fulfil orders if you are going to do all the shipping by yourself. If you consider using 3PL (third-party) outsourcing, remember to research thoroughly and choose the best suitable service provider for your brand. 

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Ensure that your delivery logistics strategy is ready for increased volume this Christmas. A little tip is to throw in free gift-wrapping service or offer gift receipts options. 

ConnectPOS integrates with leading logistics companies such as DHL and Boost My Shop, promising to bring only the best experience to your customers. 

Merry Christmas

We hope that you could maximize the use of your POS system with these 5 Christmas sales tips, and bring in the highest profit for your stores this holiday season. 

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