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4 Tips For Improving Your Mobile POS Optimization

Mobile POS systems are cloud-based and portable point of sales that operate on handheld and wireless devices such as phones, tablets, laptops, etc. Being a cloud-based software, mobile POS store and backup all of business data online automatically. Along with the emerging trend of technology implementation, mobile POS systems have become more and more popular among modern retail owners, especially in the food and beverage industry. Since the idea of using POS is still new to many businesses, many of them may not find the best way to optimize their system. These are some 4 amazing tips that may help you improve your mobile POS optimization.

Compatible with both iOS and Android

When it comes to adopting a new POS system, the hardware and software should work well together. If you choose an iOS based POS system, you will have fewer hardware options which run on iOS devices only. The case is similar to Android – based iOS.

In fact, while Android is better known with its smartphone phones products, Apple has more advantage of its iPad. On the other hand, these both types of devices are popularly used by eCommerce stores and also customers nowadays for online shopping.

Therefore, the best option is adopting a mPOS that is compatible with every modern device and operating system. Also, this sort of mPOS enables store owners to flexibly customize and develop their systems.

Compatible with iOS and Android

Provide a variety of helpful features.

Every mobile POS system has its own set of advantages, but some features should be included in every plan. To begin, a standard mobile POS framework should consist of sales reporting and analytics tools, which support retailers to increase revenue and gain better understanding of their market.

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Another essential function of a mobile POS system is inventory management, which takes care of reordering and automates routine manual inventory counting. Robust POS systems are able to minimize unexpected mistakes that may cause serious problems to the process. In the long term, this will save loads of time and effort. Additionally, many companies struggle with customer management. Mobile POS can also support retail owners to handle this issue. These systems collect valuable consumer data and generate insightful reports, which are beneficial for launching loyalty programs and marketing strategies.

Support PWA App

PWA App is reported to gain more attention from developers and investors in the recent years thanks to the rapid development of eCommerce and changes in customer behaviors during covid 19 pandemics.

The huge advantage of PWA App is that it allows customers to look for products themselves and reduce lots of time on shopping online. This is also a modern method for retailers to raise their conversion rate with the ability to push notification or promote personal price programs based on customer behavior. In fact, PWA App is believed to be the future of eCommerce and also the retail industry in the future.

Support PWA App

Adopt a secure system

Since your mobile POS system stores loads of sensitive customer information, retailers should ensure that their systems are safe and protected from unauthorized access, cyberattacks, mobile malware, and backend hacking. In other words, one of your top priorities when it comes to optimizing mobile systems should be security.

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The aim is to run a mobile POS application stably and reliably, with security measures to avoid attacks before they occur. In addition to suitable POS security technologies, the applications should have a reliable security monitoring and incident response service. 

These security measures can include real-time responses to any other security concerns that might occur, track mobile POS application-related activities, identify and tag threats, and notify IT and staff when there is a breach.


In 2019, Statista reported that 65% of online purchases were made via mobile devices. The figure pointed out the enormous opportunities for eCommerce stores on mobile device channels. 

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