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What Is A Hybrid POS System?

Store owners might find it hard to choose a specific type of POS for their shop because each one has its outstanding significance. In this article, we would introduce the hybrid POS system and its notable advantages that retailers will receive when using it. 

What is a Hybrid POS system?

Hybrid software is similar to a typical POS system. It is a hardwired local connection. The hybrid server, on the other hand, is a sleek, tiny computer, unlike the old legacy system, which required a larger server computer. And like the cloud-based system, its data is uploaded to the server first, then to the cloud, for cloud reporting. 

5 Benefits of a Hybrid POS system

Connectivity and Security

With a hybrid system, you may take advantage of cloud innovation while maintaining the security of a local server. As a result, the Internet is not required. On the local server, all data will be preserved. It will resync with the cloud once the power is restored. Even if your clients must eat by candlelight, you can still serve their drinks and desserts using your POS system.

This extra layer of protection gives you a lot of peace of mind. The presentation will go on even if your internet connection is lost due to unforeseen reasons.

Accessible from anywhere

You must physically go to the store and find out any time you want to go over financial transactions, whether it’s to update your price tags or to have a fast look at yesterday night’s takings.

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With hybrid POS, you can run sales reports from your living room or check in on the business while sipping sangria in Tenerife, thanks to the flexibility of cloud access.

It is similar to the trustworthy ConnectPOS, a cloud-based system that offers instant data updates for retailers. 

Free up space

One of the reasons why a hybrid POS is the ideal restaurant POS is its exceptionally small size.

The mini-computer is a little square box that measures about 7 inches wide by 1 inch high and can simply be mounted on the bar’s wall. This takes up extremely little space when equipped with a cable-free Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

A desktop monitor serves as your backroom POS server, completing the system. It also doesn’t take up a lot of space, so you won’t have to worry about fitting a lot of big hardware in.

Reliable Hardware & Service

You want to run your company on gear that is both dependable and simple to use. If your technology is continuously failing you, you’ll spend more time fixing it than washing the dishes. 

When choosing a supplier, it’s critical to know what hardware your POS system supports. Because when you combine a hybrid POS with dependable hardware, you get an even more powerful tool for your company. Great hardware improves the best software.

Easier training with the user-friendly interface

Employee turnover is high in the restaurant business, with staff retention rates hovering around 70% – much lower than the UK average of 85%.

You don’t have to waste time putting new staff through a complicated training program all of the time. Thankfully, a POS with a user-friendly interface makes it easier to train new personnel and keep your existing employees pleased.


You’ll have a scalable system that expands your business if you pick up a hybrid POS with regular upgrades and multiple functions. To know more about this aspect, connect us now to receive informative advice and the best solution for your business.

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