How To Prepare Your Online Store For Black Friday Cyber Monday

The holidays are slowly approaching and with each day come new opportunities to make a lot of money. Every year around BFCM, people from all over the world start online shopping.

In order to be successful in the holiday season, it is crucial for companies to prepare for sales on BFCM online stores. To take advantage of this occasion, you’ll want to look at all avenues and see how you can gear up for the big event.

Reach Closer To Customers Through Email Marketing And Newsletters

Reach Closer To Customers Through Email Marketing And Newsletters

For the upcoming BFCM, it would be best for you to create newsletters and email marketing, as you can reach billions of people worldwide and lead them to visit your website. This practice helps you establish a good relationship with your customers because they will receive your shock deals before other retailers think about it.

Emails may contain valuable information such as new product updates, promotions, special offers, and your eCommerce link. This action is to entice conversion rate and foot traffic to your online store, and more people will buy from you in the future.

In addition, it is also a good way of building your brand name. Therefore, it makes sense to send newsletters to current and potential customers, informing them of new products or services on your BFCM online store.

Flash Sale

Flash Sale - BFCM online store

For years, retail experts have recognized the powerful impact that flash sales can make on a company’s bottom line. A flash sale is basically when an online store gives substantial discounts or promotional offers for a short period, often between 1 hour to 12 hours.

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The primary objectives of such a strategy are to drive online consumers to impulse purchase, boost short-term sales, or unload your excess inventory. To execute these tactics successfully, retailers need to have well-thought-out marketing and advertising plans on BFCM online stores.

For example, one of the most critical decisions to make when planning a Flash Sale strategy is whether or not you will feature free shipping. Many consumers do not like paying additional shipping costs, especially during the holiday shopping season.

Create Free Shipping Code For Your Online Store

Create Free Shipping Code For Your Online Store

There are a number of retailers that offer free shipping policies during the holiday season, and this is because it creates a lot of buzz. The majority of customers will be interested in purchasing from outlets that have free shipping policies to get the best deals.

Another major trend of this holiday season is “Buy Online and Pick In-store” (BOPIS). When consumers use BOPIS, they can purchase online at their preferred retail store and then go to the store to pick up the items. This will help you and your customer to avoid any delivery costs and overhead.

ConnectPOS is an innovative point of sale software that can be used to set up a retail store, and it includes a variety of functions, such as inventory management, employee time tracking, and BOPIS.


Creating A Website Can Handle A Massive Amount Of Traffic

Creating A Website Can Handle A Massive Amount Of Traffic

Because the holiday season can generate a massive amount of traffic to your site, it is critical for you to make sure that your website can handle it. BFCM is the perfect occasion to take advantage of this competition and create substantial sales for you.

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In order to accomplish this goal, you’ll want to reach out for external help from experts in building web applications as they have the experience and knowledge. It makes sense to create special landing pages with offers on BFCM online store because you want to make sure that it performs well.

Give Discount In Quantity

Give Discount In Quantity - BFCM online store

Many retailers offer discount prices just because they want more customers to buy their products, and there is a good reason for it – this means that they can afford to give discounts in quantity.

This tactic has helped to drive sales for many companies because instead of getting only one customer who will pay for one item, they can get more people to buy items that require less spending.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the world of e-commerce is going full swing with this BFCM online store with massive sales to reach historic highs. The companies that are able to take advantage of this will be rewarded with a significant increase in their business. Why not give yourself a higher chance of making a profit by exploring ConnectPOS that fits your style?

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