5 Omnichannel Marketing Strategies For Thanksgiving

The technology industry has regularly evoked omnichannel marketing for Thanksgiving as a way to reach customers across all different channels of content. With a single goal in mind: increasing customer retention and conversion rates, you can reach your entire audience in the comfort of your home.

Increase Traffic To Your Store

Increase Traffic To Your Store

On holidays, people will come out and look for a place to spend their money on gifts so they may also visit your shop.

To increase traffic, you can put a sign on the front or put some seasonal decorations on your store’s windows and make sure that your place is fully decorated with holiday shopping ornaments. This strategy of omnichannel marketing for Thanksgiving will help people know that you’re open for business, and it will draw in customers.

Moreover, you can also decorate your online store with Thanksgiving-themed such as pumpkins, cotton turkeys, or a maple leaf string. Indeed, your store will look outstanding, and customers will come to buy and enjoy your stunning page.

Capitalize On Video Marketing

Capitalize On Video Marketing

Using an advertising video will give a good measurement effect. Based on marketing tools, promotional videos are more widely communicated. Businesses can hold specific numbers through reach, views, interactions, and even buying-product clicks.

It also attracts the attention of potential customers. Dynamic promotional videos with effects and engaging content will quickly get views and make audiences more emotional.

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To exemplify, if you make a video marketing about your decoration preparations on Thanksgiving with your products, attach the link to products in case some customers who are interested can purchase it immediately.

Implement Tools To Combine Online And Offline Marketing

Implement Tools To Combine Online And Offline Marketing

By using a tool to combine both methods, you can influence customers anywhere in the world while still reaching out to local customers through more traditional channels. Implementing an excellent marketing tool for Thanksgiving helps you create multi-channel promotions in just minutes.

For instance, you could create advertisements for products and upload them to your website. Or you can order a broadcast to present your ad on local television, which is purchased through a local TV station. 

ConnectPOS is a tool that combines online and offline store management to help customers have a better experience with just a few clicks.

ConnectPOS - omnichannel marketing for thanksgiving

Offer Special Sales Online And Use In-Store

Offer Special Sales Online And Use In-Store

Online and in-store promotions can work hand-in-hand to promote your business. A key strategy is creating a clear line between the two so customers feel the most comfortable with where they’re shopping.

This strategy helps you increase customer traffic online as well as attract new customers to your physical store. You can create coupons and discounts (for in-store use only) right on your Facebook page to let people know about your special offers.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Take Advantage of Social Media - omnichannel marketing for thanksgiving

Every article you post on social media will open up an opportunity for you to connect with your customers and vice versa.

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With each Facebook Like or Follow of a user, you can ultimately interact with all kinds of customers, from old to new. Therefore, this helps you to identify and target customers correctly, and at the same time, opens up the opportunity to reach out to a new source client.

In addition, you might want to create “Sales” or “Special Offer” posts on Facebook or Twitter, which display your latest products at a discounted price. You should probably use an image as well (they’re called ‘promotional images’ for a reason).

Final Words

These insights into omnichannel marketing for the Thanksgiving season have sparked some ideas for your business. From there, you can gain more success and bring enjoyable moments for customers. If you are interested in these top-notch strategies, don’t hesitate to contact ConnectPOS for more information.

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