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How To Integrate Magento With Physical Stores?

Magento is one of the most popular platforms that has been supporting numerous businesses worldwide to thrive in the recent market. Additionally, Magento can also assist retailers in building a seamless experience for their customers. So, how can retailers integrate Magento with physical stores?

Why should retail businesses consider to integrate Magento?

We’ve recently seen a tremendous increase in the number of “plug-and-play” eCommerce sites (such as Shopify, Volusion, etc.). For many retailers, Magento still remains the top choice for a web-based eCommerce project. In fact, Magento has been the partner with Coca-Cola, Nike, Ford, Olympus, Nestle Nespresso, and several other major brands. So, what makes Magento so unique and popular in the eCommerce world?

Magento highlight features
Magento highlight features

Flexibility and open source

Magento is well-known for its versatility in simplifying both online and offline tasks. This platform was created with PHP as well as many other open-source software and published under the Open-Source License 3.0. Thanks to Magento’s adaptability, retailers can customize their businesses created in this platform with the aim of fulfilling their requirements.

Adaptable and fast

Due to fast performance, stability, and reliability, Magento always appears as a powerful platform when it comes to page load speed. Magento stores can operate quickly by using high-end caching tools like Cloud ways Full Page Cache and other database optimization strategies including Memcached and Redis. 

Support multiple stores

Unlike other eCommerce sites, Magento enables retailers to create multiple stores that can be run from a single backend. With only a single admin panel, retailers are able to manage inventory, orders, billing, and customer details in every physical store. The ability to monitor all of the stores from a single admin panel significantly simplifies the management and administration of multi-stores that operate in one or more categories.

How can retailers integrate Magento with physical stores?

Management is the key of any business operating in the retail industry. And it is necessary that Magento retailers develop a strong enough backend management system including POS system and inventory management.

POS system

First for the most, building up POS systems is a must. Many Magento POS systems enable businesses to automate every management task right in their brick and mortar stores. 

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To be more detailed about how POS systems work when customers arrive at the checkout counter, the workers will scan products on the shopping carts. The scanned products will appear on the POS screen, where your staff will enter personalized discounts, customer member card numbers, coupon codes, and other information. Then, after finishing the transactions, every data will be synced back to your backend system.

POS system in physical stores
POS system in physical stores

Additionally, a powerful POS system can make more contributions to the Magento retail development by offering an array of helpful features. For example, ConnectPOS, one of the most popular POS system, provide retailers with

Inventory management

To create an effective process of inventory management, retailers need to make a purchase of suitable extensions and install them on their system.

Data is the next factor that retailers should focus on after choosing their expected extensions. Traditionally, stock data can be imported in the Magento system manually. Yet, retailers now have another option. Magento will automatically enter the data into the system after retailers upload their available Excel files.

Following, retailers are suggested to integrate inventory with barcode and POS system management together. However, this is a complicated process so retailers can consider having a third party to complete this stage successfully.

Final thought, 

Magento has proven to be the best eCommerce platform that brings retailers many opportunities to make their online store outstanding and increase profits. Yet, not every retailer knows how to effectively integrate Magento with physical stores. 

We hope that you may find this article helpful for your Magento retail business. And if you are looking for a partner that can assist you in integrating Magento with your store, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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