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Top 6 Leading POS For Coffee Shops

POS for coffee shops is considered to make great contributions to develop the beverage industry during the last few years. If being in the pursuit of developing your cafes, you may have found an array of POS possible providers in the market that can greatly benefit your business. In this article, we would like to mention some of the most significant POS for cafes.


ConnectPos is the best comprehensive POS for coffee shops. This solution is a leading cloud-based POS system in the recent market and known for its pyramid of features that greatly support bar and coffee shops, as well as their customers, who have an omnichannel experience. Additionally, ConnectPOS automates and simplifies purchases in both physical and digital stores. 

ConnectPOS provides retailers with an array of advanced features, namely:

  • Auto-update inventory between online and offline stores
  • Load customers or manage products in offline mode for a seamless checkout experience
  • Support various payment methods and tax calculation
  • Buy online, pay/refund/exchange in-store
  • Automatically generate valuable reports

When considering to integrate ConnectPOS, retailers are offered three main pricing plans ranging from $39 to $89 per month with corresponding features.

ConnectPOS from Connect Retail
ConnectPOS from Connect Retail


Square Point of Sale is a mobile point-of-sale system that works on iOS and Android devices. This POS supports online payment process, inventory management marketing strategies, and even more.

Shop owners can manage third-party pickup orders from Postmates, DoorDash, Chowly, and other services by using this POS system. Additionally, SquarePOS also supports tap cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

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Square’s dashboard syncs all payment details automatically, which allows retailers to work offline and accept swiped credit card payments. 

Square offers coffee shop owners a free-paying option and 3 other pricing plans ranging from $12 to $72 per month. Based on certain necessities, shop owners can consider to choose the most suitable package for your businesses. 

Square POS
Square POS


ShopKeep is the best POS for cafes, especially for high-volume coffee shops. The POS systems from ShopKeeps are built explicitly for food & drink-service businesses. ShopKeep, likely Square, allows coffee shop owners to adopt a variety of payment methods, as well as offers them a comprehensive set of payment features, such as partial payments, open tabs, split payments, tip tips, refunds, discounts, and the ability to print, text, or email receipts.

Cafe owners are recommended to use either an iPad or a Clover POS Terminal to run ShopKeep’s POS app.

Shopkeep POS
Shopkeep POS


The hike is a cloud-based system developed in Australia just a few years ago. Hike is a perfect POS for cafes thanks to its portability and user-friendly interface. It is considered a perfect choice for every coffee shop. Bringing the Hike POS directly to the table for fast ordering and payments is a good strategy that smaller businesses like cafes, food trucks, etc can consider to develop their customer experience.



Erplt is another great POS for coffee shops since this solution is able to enhance the quality of drink services. In fact, even if you serve the best coffee in town, you must have the best possible experience so that your customers return to you the next time they need a caffeine fix.

Erply POS
Erply POS

Bottom line, 

The beverage industry always appears as a high-volume and fast-moving business, which requires shop owners to opt for a durable and sophisticated POS system. According to our research, these POS systems are entirely able to meet every requirement from coffee shop owners and support businesses to thrive in the recent market. 

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If you are interested in our solution ConnectPOS, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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