Is it the end of traditional product selling?

With the growth of social media, advanced supportive tools, and so on, many people have asked this question. “Is traditional product selling dead?’ In this article, we will provide the proper answer. 

Is it the end of traditional product selling?

Traditional selling is a procedure full of pressure and manipulation. Its purpose is to have somebody to purchase disregarding whether they desire to purchase or not. 

For example, the sales staff would provide the prospect with info on the goods or services. Yet, they tie the perks back to the way it can be good to people’s lives to lead them towards purchasing. The sales employee receives a sale commission. In other words, they try to influence the buyer solely to earn their commission even though the goods are not the right choice for the purchaser. 

As you can see, traditional selling has to do with being ready for the fight and gaining victory. You have to deal with obstacles and trick your prospect into making purchases. This approach fails to retain customers and urges us to wonder whether it is at its end. While the answer is that it is not the death of traditional retail stores, you have to acknowledge innovative ways of meeting evolving consumer demands.

Some non-traditional ideas to try out

Leverage Mobile POS

Cash payments and cash registers tend to get outdated in today’s digital world. Thanks to new modern technology, for example, POS systems from a trustworthy provider like ConnectPOS, customers have more payment options than any time before. For your reference, ConnectPOS allows for various paying methods, from debit and credit card to contactless payment. With cashless payments, your shoppers can enjoy convenience, speed, transparency, and safe payment. 

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Become Data-driven

These days, data drive many marketing functions, with the help of tools such as forecasting analytics. These tools assist you in discovering buying behavior with ease. For example, a trusted POS software can deliver plenty of analytics and data likely helping you to make more data-driven business decisions. Unlike traditional product selling, with this approach, sales and marketing departments can access shoppers’ digital footprint and generate powerful contents that suit each specific customer. As you have a better and better idea of your consumers, you can increase your sales better. 

Promote Social Selling

Selling via social networks has become more and more prevalent and made your brand stay fresh. Statistically, more than 70% of sales employees who make use of social selling to drive their sales had more excellent performance than other salespeople. As you can notice, on social media platforms, users gain continuous touches on the attributes of new items or services. They also get updated with new trends related. Further, they can read any product feedback even before they might have thought about purchasing a product. 


On the one hand, traditional product selling is not dead. But on the other hand, you should be up-to-date with modern selling to stay ahead of the game. One of the approaches related to it is using a POS system. Contact us for further info about this solution. 

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