5 Must-Have Magento POS Features For Your Omnichannel Business

A POS is utilized to handle sales and can be integrated with other systems and software. So every merchant needs to know these 5 important Magento POS features for their omnichannel business.

Management of inventory and stock

The inventory management module of a POS system must always give comprehensive visibility and responsibility at the store level. The system should show inventory by lot, SKU transaction history for ‘in’, ‘out’, and ‘within’ movements of each SKU, as well as incoming and outbound inventory. It should be able to make stock modifications, such as increasing or decreasing stock, while examining inventory and recording the cause for the changes.

A Magento POS feature’s inventory management module must provide complete visibility and accountability at the store level at all times. Thousands of merchants have chosen ConnectPOS as a beneficial tool since its Multi Source Inventory supports users with a seamless omnichannel experience.

Billing and order fulfillment

Billing and order processing are essential features of a point of sale system. It has to be able to charge orders by scanning things and capturing various payment methods.

It can make order invoices, reprint and send them to the final customer, as well as additional discounts, customer information, extra notes, and add the salesperson’s name to an order.

Customers have more power, are more knowledgeable, and have more expectations than ever before. Order fulfillment efficiency is critical to your brand’s reputation, earnings, and capacity to retain customers.

Customer management

Customer management is described as the process of managing the relationships of the organization, people, and customers across time. Companies must match their customer strategy with the company’s goals and objectives in order to achieve long-term success. A company’s ability to locate, grow and keep profitable clients determines its profitability. 

By recording client data and purchase history, this Magento POS feature may help you retain consumers. It may be utilized to provide your customers with a more tailored experience.

Customer data is extremely important for advertising since it may reveal which customers are likely to be interested in your product. Sending a “30% discount on big shirts” sale flyer to a consumer who wears a medium-sized shirt, for example, would be a waste of effort.

There are many strategies that retailers can take advantage of to improve their customer management, for example, email sequences, live chat customer service, personalized SMS Marketing, etc.

Employee supervision

Many people are surprised to learn that a POS system may be utilized to manage staff. However, a POS system’s personnel management feature may assist you in managing your staffing numbers, employee hours, and sales performance, allowing you to measure employee productivity.

You can keep track of your employees’ activities by tying each transaction to them. This can help you distinguish between excellent and bad performers so you can take the required steps to boost their productivity.

Sales reporting is one of the Magento POS features

A thorough report on sales results can be generated by the point of sale system. It should be able to provide takings and outgoings on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis so that merchants can quickly comprehend their overall success.

Seasonal product demand, forecasting based on sales patterns, insights into wasteful product spending, and stock management information are just a few of the capabilities of a comprehensive POS reporting module.


Today’s POS systems can do more than just process sales. As you’ve seen, there are some critical Magento POS features that may help you boost your productivity by increasing efficiency. To see how a cloud POS system can help you do that, give us a call for more details.

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