5 Must-have WooCommerce POS Features For Your Omnichannel Business

Modern POS systems today contain some basic components that have grown in response to significant customer demand. In this post, we’ll look at the five necessary WooCommerce POS features that every system must have. 

Easy to navigate the software

Because they have a knock-on impact on your business’s customer service, well-designed and easy-to-navigate POS systems are important WooCommerce POS features to your commercial success. Time plays a critical role, and the less time your personnel spend stumbling through shoddy POS digital menus, the sooner they can assist clients with their transactions.

Examine the software of any POS system to check whether it has a user-friendly interface with minimal clicks that can complete a transaction from beginning to end. On their website, a reputable POS supplier would give transparent information regarding their software.

To apply bug fixes and guarantee that your business benefits from any software improvements, your POS software must be maintained and upgraded to the newest version.

Inventory management is a WooCommerce POS feature

Because inventory management is closely linked to sales transactions, it is a key function of POS systems. To operate your business successfully, you’ll need all the sales data you can collect, and an inventory management tool will help you keep things replenished while ensuring that those that aren’t popular are replaced with something else.

When you first set up your POS, you may input your existing stock levels for each product using inventory management. Once that, it will automatically update itself after each order is placed.

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A cloud POS system allows you to manage your stock in real-time while also reporting on the number of items your company (or store) possesses over time. In this field, ConnectPOS stands as a preferable option for retailers since it has Multi Source Inventory, supporting merchants to control their stocks.

Providing multiple payment methods

When transactions are completed, your POS system should compute the total amount of sales and applicable taxes. While cash is still common (albeit less so in the digital era), you’ll need to be sure your POS can handle a variety of payment methods, including split payment, credit card processing, and more. This is a common WooCommerce POS feature.

A sophisticated WooCommerce POS system will also provide sales data so you may review the transaction afterward. To reduce time at the checkout, certain POS systems allow you to set prior sales orders as repeat orders against client names.

In exchange for a transaction fee each time anything is sold, mobile POS suppliers will give out their card readers for free. Look for ones that charge depending on membership, as this means you’ll save money.

Reporting tools on employees and other POS data

It is better if a POS can segment employee data into numerous helpful categories, such as overall sales, sales by the hour, conversion rates, and commissions owed. Detailed reports should be able to show you what an employee has sold, including the average price per client and the number of transactions each hour.

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A wonderful WooCommerce POS feature is enabling business owners to obtain vital report data on employees, together with the overall business performance from any device with an internet connection. So your POS system should include mobile apps that make reading reports simple on any regular-sized smartphone or tablet.

Customer support and POS training

When a POS system malfunctions, it may be costly to your company. Consider acquiring a system that includes customer assistance and training as a standard feature to reduce downtime.

You’ll receive the quality of service you pay for; less expensive POS systems enable you to leave a message and wait for a response from a vendor representative, but if you spend more, you’ll get quick help 24 hours a day, seven days a week – which may be worth the extra cost.


Above are 5 WooCommerce POS features that play important roles in your business pathway. If you want to know more about them, connect us immediately to get detailed advice and reasonable offers.

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