4 Magento POS Ideas For Upgrades In 2022

Doing eCommerce has never been simple and it can be very stressful at times. So you need to update new features to ease the work and catch up with market trends. This article will introduce 4 Magento POS ideas for improvement in 2022.

Upgrade hardware is the top option

To guarantee seamless operations, every Magento shop should have a minimum hardware arrangement of 4GB RAM, 4 vCPUs, and 25GB of SSD storage. The actual figures for processors, memory, and storage will vary depending on the demands of each company and how its system is deployed.

First, the CPUs are in charge of processing the website’s requests. The majority of the processing burden is transferred to memory via a well-configured caching mechanism, leaving the CPUs to handle just the uncached requests. You must, however, guarantee that your system has the processing power to handle all uncached requests.

Magento’s memory needs differ dramatically between stores and must be evaluated based on how each system is set up. A single server Magento shop should have at least 2GB of RAM, according to Adobe

And one of the most important factors is storage. The quantity of storage you require is typically determined by the amount of data your server will be hosting. Based on the data on your site, your backup method, and the number of programs on your system, this may be computed. 25GB of storage space is a fantastic starting point for a new store with a few hundred goods.

Click and Collect is a great Magento POS idea

Click and Collect has been a popular method for buyers to effectively purchase products online in recent years. It can be especially useful for larger orders. Companies that compete with Amazon or other large retailers provide customers with these sorts of alternatives in order to maintain market share. Also, many retailers choose ConnectPOS since this software can perfectly support the Click and Collect system.

Mobile-friendly feature is necessary

Businesses must be able to adapt in order to be competitive in a world that is always changing. So an outstanding Magento POS idea is using a mobile-friendly system. It is a new trend that may help many businesses, including retail and foodservice:

  • Cut down on checkout queues: It can be used to deflect certain consumers away from your line, such as those who just have one or two products and need to go fast. A mobile POS system like this might significantly reduce your company’s wait times.
  • Gather information about your customers: You can quickly capture consumer information wherever they are using a mobile POS system.
  • Simple customer payment: It may seem insignificant, but a quick and painless checkout experience may make all the difference. 

Shipping needs more supports

Another Magento POS idea is about shipping improvement. With better POS delivery, you can keep drivers on track from dispatch through delivery. Advanced distribution management functions, such as delivery routing and zoning, as well as automated online digital maps, can be included in POS systems. As a result, customers will no longer have to wait longer than necessary for their food.

Multi-location and multi-warehouse management supported by POS systems should also be noted. In this case, the system assists in the selection of an appropriate warehouse for each delivered order.

Flat rate; free delivery; table rates; online rates DHL, UPS, FedEx, USPS; and others are among the possibilities available.


All the Magento POS ideas above are worth considering for any retailers. And for more detailed advice, connect with us to find out the best solution for your business.

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