5 WooCommerce POS Trends You Cannot Miss In 2022

As the year 2022 approaches, there are several new updates and trends to be aware of. They are not only aiming at improving for the benefit of consumers but also strengthening the retail business. Let’s go through 5 WooCommerce POS trends that will be in effect by 2022.

Design the product pages 

As a WordPress trend, the usage of augmented reality with WooCommerce is becoming more popular. The eCommerce store owners have improved their product pages with optimized features, bringing a better shopping experience to customers.

On their web stores, users may now submit 360-degree photos, providing consumers with a 360-degree dynamic on all of the items offered and information about available products in offline stores right on the site.

Strengthen mobile shopping experience 

A recent survey from Retail Innovation showed that approximately 34% of people use their mobile devices to make online purchases on various eCommerce sites. The focus on improving the mobile shopping experience stands out among other WooCommerce POS trends. 

The managers must pay special attention to mobile page optimization and memorable shopping experience for customers. To advance buyers’ satisfaction, a customer-facing display, a device that displays all order information to customers throughout the checkout process, is a great choice. 

Also, when it comes to transactions on mobile phones, load time is equally important. Fortunately, ConnectPOS provides the omnichannel shopping journey to efficiently better the user experience. 

Customizable shopping tour is the next WooCommerce POS trend

While AR and VR are expected to dominate in 2022, personalized and customized shopping experiences are also gaining popularity. To better grasp this, a personalized shopping experience entails more than simply addressing your consumers by their first names. It’s all about knowing where your users are from, what they want to buy, and what languages they speak. All of this data may then be utilized to give them a more personalized purchasing experience.

Here are some WooCommerce dedicated themes that can help you accomplish this target:

  • WooCommerce Extra Product: Users can make changes to their purchased items with this extension. They have the option of customizing the items to meet their own needs.
  • Multilingual Press: This plugin allows you to communicate in the language of your target audience. You can effortlessly translate your product descriptions as well as other materials on your page.

Interfaces have to meet customers’ comfort 

“The customer is king,” as we all know by now. We can’t forget about this while we’re talking about WooCommerce POS trend. All of the upgrades are based on their pleasure and contentment. And chatbots are indispensable. 

Artificial intelligence chatbots are simple to use and available at all times. We always have a few chatbot plugins that work well with WooCommerce such as WooWBot, Facebook Messenger, Omise, etc.

Voice search will become a crucial component

The majority of people use the Internet to look for a range of things. Some of them would type by hand, while others utilize voice search. According to a report, around 42% of consumers prefer voice searches over physically inputting their queries.

Technology has advanced significantly, and it is time for us to acknowledge it. Thousands of people use Alexa and Siri every day because they make our life easier and more convenient. It’s being used by individuals, and we’re making it a habit. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to offer them what they require in order to enhance their experience on your platform. If you meet their needs, they will return to your site more frequently, resulting in an increase in sales. This trend will assist you in becoming a master of your craft. 


To summarize, these are some WooCommerce POS trends that are expected to emerge in 2022. eCommerce businesses should be aware of them ahead of time because they are simple to adopt later. So if you want to provide your consumers the best and remain ahead of the competition, give us a call immediately to get the most useful advice.

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