Overview of Magento Quote Management

Magento Quote Management is a feature that allows authorized buyers to negotiate a reasonable price with sellers and records all history communication of the negotiation process. 

In this following article, we’ll give you an overview of the workflow of Magento quote management as well as step by step when negotiating.

Workflow of Magento Quote Management

The process is very simple, including 4 steps: 

  • The buyer requests a negotiation quote 
  • Sellers view quote and response 
  • The buyer receives a response
  • Buyer accept quote 

The quote’s status in the buyer’s account is set to Pending while it is available for review. Even if the selection has been rejected or has expired, the buyer can change it and resubmit it. 

So, whenever you are a buyer and you want to make a negotiation quote, consider carefully and wisely.

For further detailed information about the workflow of Magento quote management, you can see it here.

Keep in track in the next parts, we’ll have general negotiating steps in Magento quote management. 

Magento Quote Management – Netiotiating Steps

Quote configuration options are only available for B2B and are managed by Role Resources. These job tools must be configured for the store administrator’s Admin User Role.

Go to System> Permissions > User Roles, select the task, and navigate to Sales > Operations > Quotes in the Role Resources tree to grant access to quote functions in the Admin.

The following acts may be used on a single record or a group of records.

  • Go to Sales > Operations > Quotes in the Admin sidebar.
  • Select the checkbox for each record you want to change in the first column of the grid.
  • Follow the on-screen directions for the action you want to take.
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Step 1: View a quotation

  • Tap View in a record’s Actions column.
  • React to the customer’s request as instructed, and begin the price negotiation process.

Step 2: Negotiating Quotes

Before going to update the negotiated prices for the request quotes, sellers need to select the expiration date for a quote.

Sellers have the following options during the negotiating process:

  • Products may be added or removed.
  • Modify the quantity
  • Reduce the overall price by a certain amount.
  • Adjust or add a shipping form.
  • Make a statement
  • Save the revised quote as a draft or submit it to the buyer.

To the quote, add new items.

  • Select Add Products by SKU from the drop-down menu.
  • Add the SKU and the quantity to be applied.

Apply a line-item discount to your order.

  • If necessary, make the following changes to the Items Quoted section:
  • Change the Minimum Purchasing Quantity at the Proposed Price.
  • Adjust the product options by clicking Configure.

Update and make adjustments as needed.

  • Click Add to Quote to save your changes.
  • Recalculate the Quotation to correct the quote.

Press Update Prices to make the changes, update the quote to the shared catalog and pricing guidelines, and then click Proceed to confirm the update.

You can find more detailed information about negotiating steps in Magento quote management at the link.

Wrapping Up

To conclude, this is the highlighted feature specially designed for B2B businesses to give a more reasonable price for and also retain potential customers. 

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