Retail Problems When It Comes To Christmas

The holidays are just around the corner, and it’s time for retail stores to get into the Christmas spirit. From snowflakes and Santas to gingerbread houses and reindeer, this is a time of year when retailers go all-out with decorations and marketing strategies in hopes of attracting customers.

However, this is also the busiest time of year for retailers, therefore causing problems in customer service and relations, delivery of products before Christmas day, stocking levels, and product availability. So here are some Christmas retail problems that you might get and wait for our solutions.

Starting Late In December

Starting Late In December - Christmas retail problems

The biggest Christmas retail problem is to start planning for Christmas late, resulting in rushed preparation for this season which may end in poor consumer service delivery. Specifically, your stores do not have enough time to unload the goods and display them in shop windows.

As the holidays approach, retailers should not underestimate how demanding it is to attend to the customers. There is a saying in retail: ‘stock out means customers out”.

In order to avoid this, it is best to start planning for the Christmas season a month prior to December. This way, you can identify your early customers and know what products you have to have in stock by the time Christmas comes.

Overpromising Discounts

Overpromising Discounts

Retailers often use the holiday season to get new customers. Therefore, this is the time when retailers get shoppers to sign up for their loyalty card programs, providing them with incentives and discounts. However, what happens when these incentives are too good to be true?

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Generous sales and bargain prices may attract customers, but when stores overpromise discounts, they will end up losing customers in the end. This is because when retailers fail to fulfill discounts despite their promises, customers will lose their trust and no longer shop there again.

The solution for this Christmas retail challenge is to keep a low promise and a clear explanation of what you do and do not guarantee. Then, adhere to the policy, this is how your customers will feel more confident coming back to your store for their regularly scheduled purchases.

Poor Inventory Management

Poor Inventory Management

The stocking levels of your store can be affected by many things, including excess inventory, free shipping policies, seasonality, the cost of the products you sell, and even sales promotions.

One of the reasons people lose trust in your stores is that they receive answers “items are not already available for sale” and will choose to buy other options offered at other places.

The solution is to simply keep track of your inventory by ensuring that you get everything you need, including items on sale, seasonal items, and items that are always in demand.

This can be prevented if your store maintains proper inventory management. ConnectPOS is a user-friendly system that helps store managers track inventory, manage shipping and handling, and improve profitability more effectively.

Making Customers Wait In-line

Making Customers Wait In-line - Christmas retail problems

Most of us hate to wait in line, and we prefer to shop in comfort. However, one of the most common Christmas retail problems that retailers experience is people waiting in line for hours. This is due to the unpredictable nature of the Christmas rush and holiday shoppers.

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Most people wait in line because they can’t simply rely on the internet and social media to check on the status of their orders. Instead, they like to personally visit a store and see for themselves what’s happening.

The solution is to make more space for customers inside the store, more napping areas, and offer paper cups or tissues as comfort items.

Unqualified Employees To Work In Retail

Unqualified Employees To Work In Retail - Christmas retail problems

Some retailers may not hire qualified staff to reduce their costs and still expect to serve all their customers in a friendly manner to get more sales in return. But in reality, they end up with customers who are not satisfied with the store’s services due to the attitude of some employees.

In addition, your staff needs to work efficiently and safely for your customers. As a result, you will become more profitable and get better customer feedback because of their loyalty.

The solution is to hire qualified people that can provide quality customer service during the Christmas season. This will eliminate miscommunications between customers and employees, which leads to an unsatisfied clientele.


Planning for Christmas is essential, and it can be stressful to think about Christmas retail problems such as inventory, finances, and customer service.

But if you prepare yourself early and make sure everything is in place, your retail business will become more competitive and profitable as the Christmas season reaches its peak. After all, ConnectPOS would fit your omnichannel stores, so let’s contact us for special offers!

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