5 Retail Problems When It Comes To BFCM

Black Friday Cyber Monday has become a staple of the holiday season, and as it’s become more popular, more consumers are looking forward to buying goods at discounted prices.

Since it becomes the most active time on the internet and in-store, customers may get a bad experience because of overloads. This causes issues with shipping times or ordering errors during this busy period. Here are some common BFCM retail problems and how you should deal with practical ways to improve your sales.

High Traffic On Websites

High Traffic On Websites

A website with high traffic causes a slow searching process for customers. It also reduces the speed of the website and causes a poor user experience. As a result, customers will find other brands with better performance than the site that takes too much time to complete the orders due to too many people accessing.

If users find your mobile app doesn’t work properly because of heavy usage, there is a chance that they will uninstall it. Unfortunately, it might also mean that you could lose a loyal customer who won’t come back to your website anytime soon.

If your website is getting tons of visitors every day, ensure that your app works smoothly and is responsive for retention rates. You can use a service like Wpengine to gain industry-leading speed, security, and stability to grow your website and remove this BFCM retail problem.

Security Concerns

Security Concerns

When it comes to BFCM, your site will welcome a huge amount of users, so keeping an eye on security for both customers and your store is very important. Your base has to be monitored constantly to avoid security breaches and fraud. If the site doesn’t have enough security features, customers’ information can be stolen from contact forms or databases that store user profiles.

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In the event of a data breach, sensitive information such as passwords, addresses, and credit card numbers can all be stolen by sophisticated hackers who may then use this data for identity theft or large-scale credit card fraud.

You should use encryption in case hackers may access this information; they can steal identities and send malware. Moreover, every time customers log in, you can encourage them to use two-factor authentication logins to protect their accounts.

Omnichannel Retail

Omnichannel Retail - BFCM retail problem

There are many benefits to implementing omnichannel retail, such as improved customer service and increased revenue. But when a retailer does not use this marketing tactic, they may lose customers due to inconvenience or lack of availability.

The successful integration of the omnichannel strategy is not always perfect. For example, retailers who do not perform omnichannel effectively could cause confusion to their customers because of the lack of flexibility and consistency.

ConnectPOS is an omnichannel marketing solution provider for your BFCM retail problems. With this platform, retailers can manage orders at all touchpoints, including in-store and eCommerce.


Lack Of Staff

Lack Of Staff - BFCM retail problem

Some stores do not have enough employees in BFCM due to the volume of customers. Consequently, your staff can be overloaded, exceeding their ability to handle.

Due to this, high-volume stores will often try various strategies to avoid losing money, such as recruiting for more staffing positions. Moreover, you can hire seasonal staff to come by during peak hours. This strategy should be done early and well prepared because employees need to be trained carefully to get used to the job.

Lack Of Inventory

Lack Of Inventory - BFCM retail problem

Inventory shortage can be a problem that retailers face when they run both online and physical stores during BFCM. The lack of stock may be known as wrong size products, color, or style. In addition, your customers may need something upgraded or replaced in case it is damaged.

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In any event, the lack of inventory causes disappointment for the customer and loses money for the company. Therefore, it’s always essential to ensure your business has adequate stock on hand to avoid BFCM retail challenges within your store.

Moreover, by understanding how people think about your product, you can keep them satisfied with their experience and prevent them from going elsewhere. Finally, if your store doesn’t have or cannot provide what customers need, talk and keep in touch to contact them when your store already has their products required.

Final Words

BFCM is a busy time for retailers and business owners. As an investment, this holiday season is not one to miss. So, it’s imperative to avoid BFCM retail problems with the help of effective solutions such as ConnectPOS so you can deliver outstanding results and customer satisfaction in your business. Learn more about ConnectPOS and how it can help you market efficiently across multiple channels.

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