Tips To Prepare Your Online Store For Thanksgiving

Halloween is the occasion to mark the beginning of the bustling festive season. The global retail market will step through November to transition to the most exciting last month of the year. And Thanksgiving – remains one of the most important holidays of the year for everyone.

On this occasion, everyone is busy shopping; therefore, it is an opportunity to earn huge profits for your Thanksgiving online stores. So what should businesses do to prepare to “get money in the safe” during the festive season in November?

Sell Thanksgiving-themed Merchandise

Sell Thanksgiving-themed Merchandise - Thanksgiving online stores

Thanksgiving is often associated with family, giving, and togetherness. With the holidays approaching, the selling of themed products could provide your customers with an opportunity to share this sense of family with their beloved.

Many of your customers will be looking for decoration products or buy something as Thanksgiving gifts to send to friends and family. For example, you could provide items like turkey stickers, fall-colored string lights, or adorable shaped pumpkins. Surely your customers will be delighted and buy them for their home.

Attractive Offers “Year Once Only”

Attractive Offers "Year Once Only" - Thanksgiving online stores

Sale-off can be a great marketing tool to increase sales and drive traffic to your Thanksgiving online store. In addition, this strategy would give you a potential opportunity to gain new customers who might not have had some incentive to shop from you before.

“Year Once Only” is also a time to reward your loyal clients as it saves more for their dollar while they can still find some deals! You can implement this tip by providing big sales with 70% sales off for some particular products. These products can be the leftovers from the last year so that you can solve the problem of high inventory.

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This kind of promotion only appears once a year, and people wish to purchase your products at any place. Therefore, if you want to have an effective “ Year Once Only”, you may need to have a tool that supports a seamless online and offline shopping journey for your customers.

ConnectPOS would be suitable for your need as it provides the click-and-collect feature for your omnichannel retail.


Exciting “Thanksgiving” Website

Exciting “Thanksgiving” Website

A good performance website will help shoppers find what they are looking for with ease so they won’t get lost because of the mess. In addition, your online shop should be easy to use, so your customers know what they have to do to complete their order straightforwardly.

Moreover, retailers should focus on the outlook of the website to attract and entice shoppers. To illustrate, you can build your Thanksgiving online store with a festive wreath hung, play some traditional holiday tunes in the background and insert a picture of a turkey on the main page.

Consider A Charity Initiative

Consider A Charity Initiative - Thanksgiving online stores

People have always been trying to communicate their thoughts and feelings. To channel the spirits of altruism and charity, you might want to help customers find a way to do something good and sell Thanksgiving products.

It would be straightforward to create an initiative that could quickly draw many people’s attention, and it would provide the opportunity for people to experience happiness while doing something good.

For instance, with every bill over $50 when purchased on your Thanksgiving online store, your store will donate $2 to the Wishing Well Foundation organization.

Hold a contest “Hearty Meal” on Thanksgiving

Hold a contest “Hearty Meal” on Thanksgiving

People nowadays are very interested in promotions through contests, and they also have a hobby of taking and sharing their beautiful pictures to win those incentives. Therefore, to drive more clients, let’s create a picture contest and let everyone experience it! Holding such a contest on social media will gain more traffic to your Thanksgiving online stores as everyone loves discounts. 

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You might want to create a “Hearty Meal” contest on Facebook for people to take a photo of the Thanksgiving meals with hashtags. Then, let everyone vote for their photo and give three customers an online discount code (20%) when their photo hits the most likes and shares.


Here are some outstanding November Thanksgiving ideas that are sure to help your business “gain profits.” You can use them to find the strategies that work best for your Thanksgiving online store and the potential market you’re targeting.

If you’re ready with your product idea, start creating a fantastic Thanksgiving online store with ConnectPOS today. Any questions, please get in touch with us for support as soon as possible.

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