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4 Tips To Properly Handle A Product Return

Product returns in-store have become a necessary feature of many retail operations. The in-store product return processing has some critical parts, and we’ve got four recommendations to assist you and your customers to get the most out of it.

What is product return?

A product return in retail is the process of a customer returning previously purchased products to the merchant. The customer would get a refund in the original mode of payment, an exchange for a similar or different item, or a shop credit.

Customers may desire to return products for a variety of reasons. So the shopkeepers need to know a few necessary tips to handle the return processing smoothly.

4 tips for efficient product return management

Introduce clear return policies 

When a consumer takes an item into the store and requests an exchange or refund, the salesperson must confirm the request. They’ll need to verify that this item was purchased from your shop. A receipt is the most typical type of proof.

There are extra criteria for some goods. When it comes to video games, for example, the original packaging must be present. Clothing products with tags and labels that are still attached and show no signs of wear or stains may be acceptable.

The return processing is very easy to implement when you use ConnectPOS because its refund calculation works smoothly and efficiently. Customers may order online and pick up in-store. Refunds and exchanges are accepted in physical locations by using the store credit.

Track return rates

Returning something to a retailer does not have to be the end of the world. It’s an unavoidable component of the retail industry, as well as a vital data point for merchants. Retailers can spot possible difficulties in their company by tracking data on in-store product returns.

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For example, many buyers purchased items online but afterward returned them because they were the wrong size. This means clients are having difficulty selecting the correct size while shopping online. So it must be better if the manager adds a sizing guide on the website.

Offer store credits or gift cards instead of cash/card refund

Unused shop credits or gift cards may serve as fantastic brand reminders, encouraging customers to return for more purchases. If you can’t find the original order, it’s also an excellent alternative to cash.

This is especially useful if the buyer is a regular of your brand but is dissatisfied with a certain product. They get the amount added to their shop account or a fresh gift card instead of moving money back and forth between their bank account and yours. Customers will find it easier to make their next purchase with more store credits. They may give gift cards to their friends and family, promoting your company to new buyers.

Prepare backups in case of a return without receipts

Customers can return merchandise without a receipt or after the return period has expired under consumer rights rules. Accepting returns without receipts can also improve consumer satisfaction. It even encourages them to stick with your brand rather than move to a rival.

Make it easy to locate an order inside your retail system so you can handle product returns without receipts. You may search a customer’s order history by collecting their email and phone number. There’s also the ability to track each product’s serial number. If the cashier is unable to locate the original order, the store manager must decide whether or not to accept the return.


Retailers can transform in-store product returns into a positive shopping experience for their consumers while also gaining vital data. So if you are still wondering about this problem, call us now to set up the best policies for your business.

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