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11 POS Design Tips For Maximum Efficiency

POS design is a popular marketing device for a range of items, and graphic designers may make a living by specializing in point of sale displays to help firms sell their products and improve sales. The ten recommendations below will assist you in creating an effective point of sale designs that increase profitability.

Bravely call for attention

Customers will be drawn in by a bright and striking design. Use bold and eye-catching typefaces that complement your product’s concept. Make a statement with bold, contrasting hues that can’t be overlooked. Make sure that your display stands out among the other point-of-sale merchandising efforts.

The Call to Action is a must for every design of a system. 

Recognize the place

Keep in mind that the location of your POS display will have a significant influence on the design’s performance.

If you’re making a pavement sign for a busy high street, for example, you might want to go with a design that has long-range visibility and can be seen from many meters away. A pavement sign, for example, maybe cut to form to make it more impactful than other types of pavement signage.

If it’s an in-store retail display, on the other hand, you might want to include more details and call-to-action because it’ll be seen up close.

Design a POS system that fits with your target market

You should have a general sense of what your consumers want from your firm, goods, and services, whether or not you’ve conducted market research. Is your new product, for example, making their lives easier? Or do you want to save them money?

Include the advantages as much as possible in your POS display design so that potential new consumers may see why they should spend money with you.

Provide further value from POS design

Be certain that your POS design offers value to the customer.

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You may even include a tear-off coupon that can be redeemed right immediately at checkout on the POS. This may be something like a buy one, get one free deal. You might also try cross-selling. For example, if you’re selling electronics, offer coupons for a warranty.

And whether you’re marketing a special deal or the characteristics and benefits of a product, make sure it’s presented in a way that’s quick and easy to understand. Your message has to be clear enough to convey your ideas.

Take advantage of features

Tell people what they will get out of buying your stuff right away. This arouses interest. To encourage immediate purchases, provide a call to action (“Buy Now” or “Pull Here”). 

In some situations, you can design a POS system with plus add-ons. Include upsells if your items may be used with related products in the same line. Of course, you may do these using coupons, but you can also place them directly on the display.

Showcase your running items

With online POS, the way to reach customers directly is to present your products in an eye-catching way.

Show pleased consumers using your product in the way you intended, and make sure your models reflect the image you want to project to your target market. Alternatively, use visuals to demonstrate how to utilize your product to buyers. Visuals aid in the creation of desire.

However, there are also products that we should not show at some specific time. Fortunately, in addition to sorting the categories as desired, ConnectPOS has the function to hide the category. The user has complete control over which products are presented and which should be hidden.

Add personalization to a variety of products

Colors and graphics can be used to distinguish distinct tastes, and personalization is encouraged wherever feasible. 

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For instance, use the phrase “for grape lovers” instead of “grape.” The copy change is tiny, but it has a big impact. Another example is the quick-shot energy drinks that are frequently found on countertops. If you have multiple levels of energy, you could divide them up for “the go-getter,” “the foot-dragger,” or “the after-lunch napper,” for example. The more your point-of-sale marketing is personalized, the more effective it will be.

Include comparison

You know that your product has more outstanding features, so why not directly compare them with your competitors’?

There are several ways, and utilizing graphics like charts and graphs is a potential method. Based on the features of your POS, you can show why yours is the superior option by visual images and proven statistics. Customers will be surprised and become more curious about your products. That is a good starting step.

Add a video or touch screen 

Install a screen on top of your point of sale design to show a product commercial, provide extra information, and draw attention. Make it an interactive touch screen that guides clients through a quick quiz to determine which product on your display is most suited to their needs. Allow clients to input their email address in exchange for an immediate coupon for future discounts and information.

ConnectPOS really stands out with this feature since its wireless customer screen delivers a superior user experience. Customers can easily interact with a second screen right before finishing payments.

Make your printing interactive

Every sector is evolving due to technological advancements. Printing is no exception. Make your point of sale display interactive to stand out from the crowd. To further connect with your consumers, the simplest method is to employ QR codes or touch screens. Print a QR code on your point-of-sale display, for example, that directs clients to a video with more information and a stronger sales presentation.

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One notable fact is the customer might find it interesting if they receive some takeaways. So, give the customer something to take away if the goods you’re selling at your point of sale are a more thought-out buy. They may want additional information and time to make a buying choice, so providing brochures or fliers that they can take with them will help.

Don’t forget to measure the performance

If you’re advertising a certain product, for example, you might want to track product order rates from various retail stores. If you want visitors to sign up for your marketing email, on the other hand, you may track QR code scans or conversions via specific website landing pages.

Make sure that the POS display can include some relevant measuring devices so you can evaluate the efficiency and impacts of your POS design.


Implement these suggestions into your POS design if you want your store display to be a more effective marketing tool. As a consequence, your point of sale design will be more appealing, attracting the right customers and leading to more sales. If you want to know more tips and valuable advice, call us now to figure out the best solution for your business.

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