optimize the Shopify checkout process

8 Tips To Optimize The Shopify Checkout Process

The checkout process is always the last stage in every Shopify store after customers have already chosen their expected items, shipping methods and also payment gateways. In fact, there are various that can be adopted to improve conventions in your stores. And one of those you should not ignore is to optimize the Shopify checkout process.

Offer guest checkout

Shopify provides its online retailers with the guest checkout option that greatly elevates their stores. Some store owners may worry that this checkout option may cause them to lose customer data. Yet, they will always receive customers’ contact details right after transactions are completed if the guest checkout appears on the Thank-You page. What online customers have to do is provide their password and continue the checkout process as a site member.

Simplify checkout process

Another crucial factor that can optimize Shopify checkout process is its simplicity. In fact, online shoppers never expect to waste time and effort on fulfilling an array of requirements from the site or unnecessarily giving their personal information. A simple and user – friendly checkout will greatly contribute to enhancing customer experience and raising store revenues. Hence, it is important that retailers make it easy for their customers to make purchases online but still record meaningful information.

Simplify checkout process

Optimize checkout button

Another way to improve the process proficiency is to adjust the text on the big button on the first Shopify checkout page.

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To do so, follow these steps:

  • Use the filter to find “Continue to payment process” in your Language Editor’s “Checkout & framework” tab.
  • Under the “Checkout & system / Checkout general” subheading, change the “Continue to payment method” sector.

By using the same settings update method, you can adjust the text of most other buttons in the checkout process.

Improve cart management

The next tip is about customer shopping carts. It is highly recommended that online store owners support customers to easily manage their shopping cart.  Retailers can consider allowing customers to confirm items added or providing them with a persistent cart. Also, the shopping carts should be accessible from any page on the site, which supports customers checking their items whenever they want. In addition, online customers should be able to add or discard items in the carts without being required to start over.

Offer save options

In recent research, Baymand Institute has pointed out that nearly 70% of online shopping carts are abandoned. In fact, many people change their minds about purchasing online carts even though they are in the middle of checkout. Save options can be considered a solution to this issue since it lets customers save their shopping carts or items in their wish lists and come back at another time. This solution also enables store owners to send abandonment emails target to customer  expected items

Allow online customers to save their carts

Save the check out flow

By showing customers where they are during their checkout process, store owners can reduce their possible frustration and enhance their satisfaction. If shoppers are constantly informed of the process by a visual indicator, they appear to stick around. 

To increase urgency, add a countdown timer to your checkout tab.

Using a checkout progress bar to include limited-time deals will help remind your customers to finish their transactions and not leave the checkout page. Customers’ FOMO (fear of losing out) will drive them to buy products right away.

Use a POS system for omnichannel checkout

The development of technology brings many benefits to the retail industry and omnichannel retail is one of the most significant. By adopting a feature rich POS system, retailers can not only utilize powerful features that simplify and speed up online checkout but also allow stores to provide impressive shopping options to customers.

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Taking ConnectPOS as a typical example in the POS system industry. This solution enables quick checkout using the PWA app. Also, customers can purchase items that are not available in stores. Besides, this solution accepts multi-payment methods from cash, card, and even loyal rewards. 

ConnectPOS – A robust omnichannel POS solution

Final thought

The Shopify checkout process can be a make-or-break factor that may drive conversions. A successful retail business is not just about attracting visitors to your eCommerce store but also providing them a streamlined checkout experience to purchase their expectations. We hope that these above tips will empower your Shopify stores.

And if you are looking for a robust omnichannel POS system, ConnectPOS is perfect for you. Contact us today to have a 14-day experience with our excellent POS solution.

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