optimize Magento checkout process

8 Tips To Optimize The Magento Checkout Process

It is important to bear in mind that slow checkout can cause negative impacts on customers’ shopping experience and significantly hurt retail businesses. In fact, the Magento checkout page may cause up to 20 seconds for downloading, executing as well as rendering various JS script and API requests. In this article, we would like to introduce 8 tips that can support retailers to optimize the Magento process. 

Use exit intent popup

The first tip to decrease cart abandonment rate and optimize the Magento checkout process is to use exit-intent popups. This solution will identify when online customers tend to leave the stores without making any purchases. An exit-intent popup will automatically show them a message afterward to remind them of their check out. If retailers only want to show popup on the checkout page, they can consider combining exit-intent with page-level targeting. Some other ways to remind customers can be asking them about their concerns or providing them with an individual coupon that encourages them to make purchases

Exit-intent popups

Create FOMO

The fear of missing out (FOMO) is a common term which is well known in the marketing field as one of the most effective tactics. Specifically, this phenomenon originates from the fear of missing out a good deal among customers. For example, when shop owners offer their customers special programs such as coupons or discounts, these programs are usually limited in quantity. Hence, it causes customers to use coupons or discounts immediately by making purchases.

Highlight security

According to Baymard, 17% of responders to a survey conducted in 2021 leave their shopping cart without complete transactions because they are worried about the security of credit card information. Hence, it is highly essential to discard possible security problems in the Magento checkout process. 

Secure customer information

Use live chat

Nowadays, live chat is used popularly on almost every website as well as eCommerce stores due to its ability to convert site visitors into customers. By providing live chat, retailers enable their potential customers to ask for their expected information before making online orders. Additionally, these concerns can also be used as a way to better understand customers and fulfil their needs in the long term.

Provide a variety of shipping options

There are various delivery providers existing in the recent market. Each provider always has its own services that meet a certain group of customers. If online retailers can connect with major secured and convenient delivery services at a reasonable shipping cost, they have given customers another plausible reason to make purchases in their stores.

Optimize checkout on mobile devices

More and more shoppers are opting to shop online using their mobile devices rather than their desktop computers. Tablets, laptops, and other handheld devices fall under this category. Make sure your checkout style is mobile-friendly. Make all of the details available on a small screen by making form fields as short and transparent as possible when optimizing the site for mobile devices.

Provide multiple payment methods

Payment method is another concern when making online payment for many consumers. They tend to look for reliable and popular payment methods with low transaction fees. By offering them an array of great payment options, retailers can retain these customers and encourage them for later purchases.

Provide multiple payment methods

Use a POS system for omnichannel checkout

An omni channel POS system is a modern and cost effective solution for today’s retail market. These systems will support their retailers to develop a fast, convenient and secure checkout. In other words, online store owners can minimize customer waiting time and also fulfil their changing requirements.

ConnectPOS is a leading omnichannel Magento POS in the market with an array of powerful in-built features. Apart from the above advantages, this system can also enable online shoppers to search for products and self-checkout by using the PWA app. Additionally, in order to bring more benefits to its partner, ConnectPOS also streamline its sales and inventory process to ensure customers the best shopping experience.

ConnectPOS by ConnectRetail


In short, it is recommended that retailers optimize the Magento checkout process to enhance business performance as well as shopping satisfaction. The more customized options are provided, the better the online shopping experience will be. Also, online stores should be secure and reliable enough to build trust among customers.

Having a POS provider to optimize the Magento checkout process is also a noteworthy option. ConnectPOS is designed to support retailers to grow faster in their market. Don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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