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5 Tips To Increase Retail Security At Physical Stores

Not only the eCommerce industry experience significant growth but also physical stores are enhancing their businesses. However, developing businesses is not all about product quality or customers. Retail security may also pose unexpected challenges that badly impact your physical stores.

Understanding this concern, we would like to mention some helpful methods that may help you to increase retail security at your brick and mortar stores.

Install monitored alarms

Retailers should bear in mind that it only takes wrongdoers a little amount of time to hurt your businesses. By installing monitored alarms, you can maintain connections with every corners ị your stores. When something goes wrong, the alarms will immediately inform your staff and send notifications to your devices. Hence, you can prevent further mistakes from damaging your retail process.

Install CCTV

CCTV is one of the most common tools to increase retail security. Hidden cameras work wonderfully in certain areas, but visible security measures act as a genuine deterrent. Some security CCTV can reduce inventory shrinkage and the negative financial impact. The CCTC can also act as a warning for potential thieves but not annoy your customers instead.

Install CCTV
Install CCTV

Trainning staff

It is necessary to provide your staff with a policy about how to identify wrongdoers in the stores as well as how to handle them, afterward. The training and work they do for your team can help not only reduce your risk of robbery but ensure that your team reacts safely and adequately. Because retail stealing is also from staff, it can also help to reduce that risk by increasing education and awareness of possible penalties for robbery.

Right system investment

You can keep your eyes on all areas of your floor and backroom using a video surveillance system. A surveillance system may solve the mystery and stop bleeding for good if you don’t have a design and you don’t experience stock losses but cannot find out where it happens. You can learn where your goods are going every day and find out what other measures you need to take to protect your inventory and staff.

Integrate technology supporting protection

Retailers can easily find an array of applications or tools that can increase retail security in brick-and-mortar stores. Or else, you can choose a reliable retail security provider who will entirely take the responsibility to protect your stores. 

Adopt POS system
Adopt POS system

For example, retailers can adopt a robust POS system such as ConnectPOS from ConnectRetail. These POS systems not only provide highlight features that benefit the online shopping business but also greatly support physical stores. To illustrate, thanks to the ability to gather and synchronize data about your stores in real-time, ConnectPOS allows physical stores to timely identify problems in store. 

To sum up,

Whether you are running online shopping businesses or physical stores, you may have encountered several retail security issues. We hope that these recommendations will be suitable and protect your brick and mortar retail stores from wrongdoers.

If you are looking for a robust POS system for a better retail business like ConnectPOS, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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