Retail tipping: Maintain a profitable and transparent operation

Nowadays, customers have been tipping more. It is partly because of POS devices that recommend tip quantities to them depending on what they bought. And this is promoting a trend where you have no longer seen tipping 3 dollars on a 4-dollar cup of coffee, for example. 

Retail tipping is beneficial in many ways. Yet it is significant for you to maintain a profitable and transparent operation so that everybody (customers or staff) is happy. Check for the guide below for how-to!

Why should you adopt tipping in your shop?

According to a study by the business consulting company BRP, nearly 80% of shoppers consider personalized service delivered as they select where to shop. Also, it is worth mentioning that physical stores can provide services not afforded by online ones and these are highly likely to ensure your offline stores stay growing even when eCommerce thrives over time.

What is more, tipping allows your staff to rest assured they are appreciated. A study shows that satisfied employees would stay longer.

How to manage retail tipping

How to manage retail tipping

Include a tip line in the customer receipt

Should you print out a receipt from a POS device, we suggest including a blank tip line in it, preferring below the total price. By doing so, your shopper can fill in the amount of tip they wish with ease. Plus, you may want to show example quantities as a recommendation to your customers. For instance, assuming you have a restaurant, you can display 20%, 15%, etc… tip quantity suggestions.

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Enable one-click retail tipping

If you use a wireless or mobile POS machine, it is advisable to customize options depending on the total percentage for shoppers to enter by clicking a handy button. This way allows your customers to tip in a breeze, fast, and clearly. 

Accept tips with different payment methods

No need to depend on the tip jar. Counting on a POS system means you have the choice to receive tips using credit cards. Should you make use of ConnectPOS’s tip module, you can get tips from different payment methods, for example, credit and debit card. As a result, you maximize shoppers’ convenience of selecting how they desire to tip.

How to manage retail tipping

Track tip data

Advisably, your point of sale gathers info on tips accepted automatically. This way, you can keep an eye on tip data to realize which staff manages to receive the most handsome tips. Likewise, you will be able to check the revenue (inclusive of tips) originated from services and figure out any tip-related trends via sales info. This data is critical for improving your services for optimum profitability.

All in all

Retail tipping on a POS system is great for your staff and company. On the other hand, you should operate it the right way to respect your shoppers. That is why you should make sure to refer to the guide above. Better yet, when it comes to managing the tipping, ConnectPOS is always ready to support you. Should you like to talk more about it, contact us today.

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