Your local supermarket has gone digital transformation. How do they achieve that?

To run a successful supermarket in this increasingly competitive world, you need remarkable management considering the customer demands and use the support of modern technology. To stay ahead of the game in this demanding market, many have digitally transformed their business. In this post, we will specify how the supermarket transformation is attained in that regard. 

Enhance online channel

It is safe, convenient, and simple to shop groceries online. To optimize this shopping experience, you need to think about creating a user-friendly online shopping website or improving online ordering.

For example, evaluate the products your shoppers often buy in your supermarket thoroughly, then follow up with making all of them accessible. You can count on the data analytics feature from the point of sale system. Also, see to it that your website is easy to navigate, allowing online customers to seek out what they want to buy with ease. 

Support BOPIS 

It is the abbreviation of Buying Online, Pick-up In-Store. While BOPIS has been popular years prior to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, it has become even more prevalent amid the Covid. So what are you waiting for? Leverage BOPIS to provide your online shoppers with a reason to visit your stores right now! This approach is beneficial in many ways. For instance, it promotes impulse purchases. When your customers go to your store to get their buys, they are likely to remember one or a few stuff they forgot and make a purchase at your shop. 

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But please bear in mind that before taking some actions for online customers to come inside, you should make certain about the layout. Improve its efficiency so that shoppers can discover what they are seeking to pay and leave effortlessly and quickly. That will for sure need a point-of-sale system from a trusted provider, for instance, ConnectPOS. ConnectPOS accepts various payment methods and comes with many necessary intuitive features to give your customers the best experience.

Support BOPIS

Increase delivery speed for your supermarket transformation

No one wishes to await their groceries. That is why some consumers still choose to shop in physical stores. To provide your online shoppers with the desired experience, you should be fast and accurate to fulfil purchase orders.

For example, some supermarkets like Safeway are increasing delivery speed by relying on retail innovations. It depends on micro-fulfillment centers that help fill purchases multiple times more quickly with multiple robots and staff.  

Take the omnichannel approach

Take the omnichannel approach

As you can see, some shippers shop by moving the carts around your supermarket. Meanwhile, others love shopping virtually on their phones and stuff. So, going for omnichannel is your key to success. ProgressiveGrocer states that omnichannel will transform shopping for groceries for all future time.

You should take proper ways to enhance your omnichannel customer experience. For instance, ensure that your website is simple to navigate. Also, enable customers to get an entire online cart, as with their in-store shopping. For your store, try to increase the ease of BOPIS.


Supermarket transformation wave will stay strong in the future. That is why you must see how to do so to make your business thrive. Contact us for more insights and advantageous solutions.

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