Top 4 Shopify Inventory Management App Of 2022

Inventory management is always a major determinant of every Shopify retail business. Traditional inventory methods may take retailers loads of time and effort to handle various human-made mistakes. As a result, many businesses have planned to adopt technology solutions for their inventory process. For Shopify stores, you can easily find many solutions provided on the marketplace. In order to help you quickly pick up the most suitable one, we would like to mention in this article top 4 effective Shopify inventory management app.


ConnectPOS is one of the most powerful Shopify inventory management apps in the market thanks to its variety of impressive features. Notably, features provided by ConnectPOS can not only enhance omnichannel inventory management but also optimize the entire retail process.

When using ConnectPOS, retailers are able to constantly update all information in terms of stock levels, orders and sales performance from every store, sales channel to the systems, In particular, when your stores suddenly lose Internet connection, staff can still load customers and products information in Offline mode. 

ConnectPOS also enables retail store owners to create orders with products from multiple stores and warehouse locations, even though they are not yet available. The auto fulfilment options developed by ConnectPOS also reduce processing time to avoid losing orders and better satisfy customers.

ConnectPOS offers three main pricing packages, which are:

  • Standard: $39
  • Advanced: $69
  • Premium: $89

We also provide every retailer with a 14 day free trial in order to help you have a closer look on how the solution can support your business.

ConnectPOS - Shopify inventory mangement app


Stocky is the inventory management app that is developed by Shopify. Stocky receives many high rates and great feedback from its users since this solution can effectively analyze the market and forecast demand. To illustrate, Stocky evaluates the market based on seasonal trends and sales performance. Then, the solution will inform retailers detailed purchase order suggestions. 

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Also, retailers are offered some other impressive features such as:

  • Automatic stock updates
  • Stock transfers
  • Performance analysis
  • Generate reports

There are three main Stocky pricing plans starting from $29 to $299 per month. For each pricing plan, retailers can have particular inventory locations and features.

Stocky - Shopify inventory mangement app


Skubana is one of the best options for retailers that want to develop their inventory systems across multiple channels. This solution is able to streamline the process, quickly fulfil orders and minimize lost sales. Also, Skubana enables retail stores to better satisfy customers with automatic purchase order creation and packing slips customization. Moreover, similar to ConnectPOS, Skubana can update all information related to every aspect of the retail process in real time.

Some other highlight features of Skubana could be:

  • Accept orders from every of your sales channels.
  • Export shipping labels from main carriers.
  • Automatically oriented orders to 3rd party fulfillment centers.
  • Inform retailers of market trends and SKU-Level FIFO profitability.

However, the price of Skubana is considerably pricey, which is at least 999$ per month.



TradeGecko is also a Shopify app that supports multi-channel inventory management. When adopting TradeGo, retail owners can accurately keep track of their inventory and stock level as well as their sales process across different channels. TradeGecko can help Shopify store owners to automatically generate purchase orders and avoid out-of-stock. In addition, TradeGo can integrate with every 3PL company and fulfillment by Amazon as well as many other accounting solutions such as Xero or Quickbooks.

TradeGecko offers 4 pricing plans ranging from 79$ to $799 per month calculated based on number of users and integrations. 


In conclusion

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As mentioned above, a powerful inventory management is a huge advantage of your business over other competitors. Adopting technology to upgrade inventory processes is a must if businesses want to thrive in today’s market. With this article, we hope that you can soon find the most suitable Shopify inventory management apps that best fit in with your stores.

If you are interested in our inventory management solution – ConnectPOS, feel free to contact us for more information!

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