6 Changes Of Shopify POS You Should Be Aware Of

Shopify POS by Shopify has completely redesigned its own point-of-sale solution in order to assist brick-and-mortar merchants like you in increasing sales and launching stores in today’s retail market. Recently, the company has made some adjustments to its built-in POS solutions. This blog will review the changes of Shopify POS that you should be aware of as a Shopify merchant.

What is Shopify POS?

shopify pos

Shopify is a reputable eCommerce platform for businesses such as retailers to build their online stores and process other business operations. Shopify has you covered whether you sell online, on social media, in a store, or out of the trunk of your cars.

Being a product of this company, Shopify POS is a built-in point of sale solution in the form of an app. It is developed by Shopify and is a supplement to Shopify users. With Shopify POS, orders and inventory can be tracked across all of your retail locations, online stores, and other active sales channels. You can even use the app to control your store’s orders.

Recently, Shopify has made some improvements to its built-in POS solution. Here are 6 points that merchants should pay attention to. 

Changes of Shopify POS you should be aware of

Buy online and pick up in-store

Users of Shopify POS can now allow customers to buy online and pick up in-store. You can offer a “curbside pickup” option using their brand-new point-of-sale software, so local consumers can obtain their orders safely without ever having to leave their personal transports.

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Indeed, allowing clients to choose local pickup provides various advantages. Customers can save money on shipping fees during a time when their budget is limited. At the same time, they can obtain what they want sooner. This explains the fact that up to 48% of US consumers have used curbside pickup before and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Built-in reporting

It’s simpler to stay adaptive and make informed decisions when you know how your business is functioning. Every store’s daily sales, average order value, and an average number of products per order are all visible in Shopify POS.

As a Shopify merchant, you can get a quick overview of your best-selling items and product categories, as well as who on your team has the greatest sales track record. With the Shopify POS mobile app, you can access this data from anywhere.


Staff permissions

You now have complete control over what information and workflows are visible to specific members of your team thanks to new staff roles and permissions. You can provide your employees with the tools they need while giving them the appropriate amount of access to ensure complete security.

This is particularly useful for shops with several locations and a growing staff, who must take extra steps to protect their financial and consumer data.


The all-new Shopify POS creates detailed customer profiles that connect online and in-store transactions. That means you’ll be able to send useful reminders and marketing efforts to any new connections generated in-store. This might include special discounts or early access to new items, both of which can encourage customers to repeat their purchases.

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Store employees may also provide a personalized shopping experience for each client by quickly accessing notes, tags, lifetime expenditure, and previous orders from your store locations.

Smart inventory management

Promoting your best-selling items is critical to the success of your company. With Shopify POS, you can now easily identify which goods to sell first, allowing you to move inventory faster and improve cash flow restrictions. You may also combine or discount your slow-moving items to avoid carrying overstock costs.

Customer support

shopify pos review - customer support

Shopify Community has been considerably improved to provide the best customer support. Merchants, partners, and specialists, as well as others interested in learning more about Shopify, can interact in the Shopify Community. You can participate in business discussions, get technical help from other members of the community, and learn more about Shopify as a whole. For these reasons, Shopify POS’ customer support has become stronger and more interactive. 

Shopify POS vs. ConnectPOS: Which one is more suitable for your business?

Hopefully you have understood that Shopify POS is a solution generated by the Shopify ecosystem. This option is good considering the improvements stated above. But the company does not limit its clients to this only solution. Many big merchants on Shopify are using other POS apps, which is a third-party system that is available for the Shopify ecosystem. The reason they do it is that sometimes a Shopify POS integration can provide more powerful tools for merchants with multiple stores and more ambitious visions. 

Let us introduce you to ConnectPOS, a leading point of sale extension with its strength in providing a seamless omnichannel shopping experience. Point of sale is the primary specialization of ConnectPOS, so the POS system can be a worthwhile addition to your Shopify store. 

shopify pos review - connectpos

Compared to Shopify POS, ConnectPOS takes pride in the top-notch technologies, namely real-time synchronization. If you are running a multi-store business, this is a chance for you to stay up-to-date about your different store data (such as inventory levels). The omnichannel shopping journey can also be improved with ConnectPOS’s PWA consumer app, which allows consumers to access product information by scanning barcodes, self-checkout, and many more.

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Moreover, ConnectPOS’ 24/7 customer support is also highly rated on Shopify “We have been evaluating this app for some time, their customer service spent more than 2hours on remote sessions making sure we are fully on board and satisfied”. If interested, you can read more reviews here.

All of these features have been available at ConnectPOS for a long period of time and are being reinforced day by day. Indeed, real-time synchronization and customer service have been well-received by many clients (for reference, you can read the story of Departure Thailand with their online-to-offline business model).

In terms of pricing, ConnectPOS outperforms Shopify POS with a cheaper pricing plan, starting from $39/month/device. For advanced features which you can only get in a pricey Shopify POS Pro version, ConnectPOS is definitely a better choice with more affordable pricing.

Wrapping up

Shopify’s brand-new point-of-sale system is now available with multiple improvements. We hope that the list of the recent changes from Shopify POS can be helpful for you to connect the dots and start your eCommerce store. 

However, if you are more ambitious and looking for a more specialized point of sale solution, don’t hesitate to contact ConnectPOS for more information about our top-notch POS system on Shopify. A 14-day free trial is also available in case you want to directly try out our POS system.

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