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5 Tips To Increase Thanksgiving Sales With POS

Finally, 2021 is coming to an end and people are much more eager to shop before the festive season. Business owners must surely be looking for some creative ways to increase Thanksgiving sales. In this article, we would introduce some marketing ideas by using POS to boost sales during these busy days.

Exploiting buyer psychology to promote the right product

Your sales will never decline if you know the perfect touchpoint to get the buyer to give in, and the Thanksgiving holiday will be a breeze for you.

Individuals are already in a distinct rush for purchasing during and before holidays. Deals and discounts are commonplace for them, and the language in the image has the potential to entice them to at least check out the bargain. A few points that salespeople need to remember are:

  • Make a ‘fear of missing out’ (FOMO) situation.
  • Install social proofing.
  • Assist folks in saving time.
  • Make the deal more appealing.

You should take advantage of the POS with Report feature, such as ConnectPOS. They provide a lot of information about customer buying behavior, which is the most supportive tool in understanding customers and supporting sales.

Host a ‘Friendsgiving’ event to increase Thanksgiving sales

It’s essential to remember that not everyone has a family with whom to share the holiday. This time, many people residing abroad may want to get together with their friends, so give them the chance to partake in the joy of friendship.

Don’t forget to mention the safeguards you’ve put in place at your place of business to keep all of your customers secure. For example, with restaurant services, you might hold a ‘Friendsgiving’ gathering to allow visitors to spend the holiday with their friends, or serve conventional food and develop a customized menu. To increase interaction on your social media platforms, ask your visitors to submit photographs of their dinners using a unique event hashtag.

Sharing customer experience on your social media

Social media may help you raise your online sales at any time of year, but it has a particular effect during the holiday season

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Boston Digital has released research about customer experience and social media. They found out that 65% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product from a brand if they’ve followed their social media for more than one month. It would be great if you could keep customers engaged with your website. 

Social proofing can entail sharing your customers’ experiences. You get the trust of your potential customers when you do it on your official social media profile. Aside from that, many of your social media sites should include a shoppable function; take advantage of it to increase Thanksgiving sales. 

Keep reaching out to current customers 

It is natural that stores and brands will plan special shopping promotions on holidays. Your customers even know about your upcoming offers. But, of course, your competitors or other businesses are doing the same things, they are also reaching out to those customers.

Prioritize website deal promotions

Every visitor is looking for a special offer from you during the festival season, so why don’t you give them this information with only the first blink?

When you prioritize bargains on your website, you instantly alert casual visitors to what’s going on. This must be an indispensable step in the checklist to increase Thanksgiving sales. Decorate your website with holiday style and make sure it has enough eye-catching pop-up deal promotions to attract viewers’ attention.

This may be a billboard on the road during the week leading up to Thanksgiving weekend when people are specifically checking the website for bargains.


The holiday is not only a time to relax with family and friends, but for retailers, it’s also the unofficial start of the shopping season. So connect us immediately to get more tips to increase Thanksgiving sales and have a free trial of ConnectPOS.

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