5 Shopify POS Trends You Cannot Miss In 2022

As the shopping needs of customers are constantly changing, retailers always need to quickly grasp new trends to handle all the requirements. So let’s take a look at 5 Shopify POS trends in 2022 to prepare for the commerce plans in the new year.

Virtual eCommerce is getting popular

With the clothing business and big-ticket retailers such as furniture and application stores, the physical shop is considered the best option. Meanwhile, virtual shopping is efficient enough to let customers experience the benefits of in-store purchasing from the comfort of their own homes. 

Shoppers may ask questions, virtually try on things, and obtain expert advice through real-time connections, just like they would while exploring in person. The ability to live chat with a company when purchasing things online is valued by 41% of consumers as either valuable or extremely valuable.

More businesses plan to provide virtual shopping in 2022. According to a survey commissioned by Shopify and performed by Forrester Consulting, 52% of firms would spend on enabling online customers to quickly engage with brand representatives on their preferred channels (e.g., chat, social, text, video).

Effortless shopping is the next Shopify POS trend

There was a time when digital and physical purchasing experiences were two distinct things. Today, the lines between them have blurred to the point where shops can’t tell them apart. The phenomena of seamless shopping are presented in a number of ways and Buy Online, Pickup In-store (BOPIS) is one of them.

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BOPIS can be offered by retailers to satisfy customers who want to shop online without having to wait for delivery. Furthermore, according to a Shopify-Forrester Consulting survey, 43% of companies focused on allowing the option to see available inventory in neighboring locations, which 56% of consumers value. This implies that customers may check product availability across several retail locations in the hopes of finding the product and size they desire.

Since in-store pickup can incentivize online shoppers to visit the physical stores, many shopkeepers have taken advantage of ConnectPOS to save shipping costs and increase order value.

Contactless transactions will expand

We all know how much retailers like developing in-store applications for their customers, and touchless payment will be a Shopify POS trend in 2022. According to Digital Commerce, even after the epidemic, 67% of respondents indicated they would likely continue to use curbside service. This isn’t simply a sign of a trend that will continue into 2022; it’s a reflection of broader buyer psychology.

In-store applications will continue to be promoted by retailers and brands. Customers will continue to appreciate using these applications if they improve the customer experience sufficiently. Brands may miss out on omnichannel gains if these new safety-driven choices aren’t included in the bundle.

Applying customer data offline

According to a Harvard Business Review research a few years ago, 73% of buyers use numerous channels in their purchasing process. To put it another way, applying online data from POS to offline customer management is already a Shopify POS trend. 

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Customers are well aware that they will investigate a product online before adding it to their cart. Also, they are increasingly applying the same rationale to their offline experiences. Customers use Google to research a purchase they intend to make in-store 59% of the time.

Showroom expansion is expected to continue

Showrooming has been rapidly increasing over the last decade, and the year 2022 will be no exception. Customers have been wanting varied in-person brand experiences, including showrooming, as they transition back from only online buying.

Customers may come into your store to test things, try on clothes, learn from your staff, and get a basic sense of your brand before going home and finishing their purchase online. Furthermore, that purchase isn’t necessarily made at your shop.


As you can see, some Shopify POS trends are obvious, while some come as a surprise. However, retailers should pay attention to all of them to plan an effective 2022 strategy. If you want to know more expert insights about this issue, call us immediately to strengthen your business.

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