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Salient Features

This POS system is packed with the best features to improve retailers’ service. One of the most brilliant features of ConnectPOS is real-time data synchronization. Furthermore, ConnectPOS also comes with advanced technology like AI Face Recognition and PWA Consumer App, designed to create an optimized retail environment.

Payments and checkout

  • 3-step checkout, including adding to cart, selecting payment methods, and completing orders.
  • Customize receipts (email and print).
  • Offer many payment methods as well as payment gateways without additional costs
  • Compatible with different currencies
  • Apply discount to selected items as well as the entire cart
  • Allow to split bidding and pay in installments

Inventory and store management

  • Real-time data synchronization between offline and online stores
  • Allow managing multiple stores and warehouses in one place
  • Allow switching between offline and online modes based on customer needs

Order and customer management

  • Allow creating orders with out-of-stock goods
  • Offer Click-and-Collect method (buy online, pay/refund, exchange in-store)
  • Add items to carts through barcode scanning
  • Edit & add buyer database right on the system

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