What is Netsuite’s Point of Sale System help automate internal processes?

These days, to make doing business easier, companies are turning to automating existing processes. Automation is applied to all departments from marketing and sales to fulfilling customer requests. This helps retailers save time, money and increase sales. In this article, we would like to introduce a tool called NetSuite point of sale system which can automate the internal process.

Overview of Netsuite point of sale system

NetSuite point-of-sale (POS) system is a retail support solution that includes an easy-to-use interface and efficient and flexible features to handle sales transactions, returns, refunds, orders, information customers, and so forth.

The NetSuite point of sale system also works with other hardware devices such as barcode scanners, cash drawers, receipt printers, and mouse and keyboard setups. This is a cloud-based system, full of features and extremely modern, suitable for today’s multi-channel businesses.

How the Netsuite point of sale system automates internal processes 

First of all, this solution is perfect for small and medium-sized retail businesses, multi-system compatible. The system provides many features to help businesses grow and open new locations. Its quick and comprehensive order management feature makes the ordering and fulfillment process easy to automate. The seller can accept the customer’s request and the packing, wrapping, and shipping processes will be automatically performed in turn.

For the warehouse management process, the company easily modernizes and automates tasks thanks to modern management features. Especially, for multi-channel businesses, this warehouse management plays an important role. The product data from the date of import, details, and item codes will be automatically updated in the warehouses to make it easy for sellers and buyers to make their own decisions.

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Furthermore, the NetSuite point of sale system can help deliver a great customer experience by automatically storing and tracking customer information. This way, retailers can easily personalize the shopping experience for each customer by making customized product recommendations.

Payment processing is automated thanks to many modern payment methods. It has a combination of hardware devices to make the process more seamless. Buyers can pay in various and modern forms that are most convenient for them.

Notably, this system also supports automated marketing. Businesses can easily present upsells, cross-sells, and related product recommendations. This will be a feature that helps sellers’ sales and profits improve.

To integrate your system with NetSuite, ConnectPOS is a great choice. This state-of-the-art point-of-sale solution offers assistance in automating all internal processes. In addition to automated order fulfillment and processing, smart inventory management, and easy checkout and buyer journey tracking, ConnectPOS provides support for automated reporting and expense analysis. details. From there, the administrator will make the correct purchasing decision. Besides, this software also has extensive integration that makes performing the processes more smooth. The integration of this system with accounting solutions, eCommerce, and third-party payment gateways will make the processes seamless and optimized. This is the right system for the modern retailer.


NetSuite point of sale system is a great business support tool. This solution brings many features to support the automation of large and small business processes, serving for modern, seamless, and evolving. If you are looking for a modern POS system that can integrate with NetSuite, feel free to contact us.

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