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5 Tips To Increase Black Friday Sales With POS

In the holiday season, many elements influence the success of a trading business, including the quality of the store’s sales staff, store layout and style, eye-catching windows, and product availability. So every merchant needs to know the following tips about how to increase Black Friday sales this year by using POS.

Improve the layout of your store

Adjust your product placement depending on Black Friday sales statistics to influence impulse purchase. For example, if the data shows that jewelry sales made for a significant portion of your Black Friday sales, you can change the layout of your store to accommodate more jewelry counters and the surrounding area.

Black Friday data can assist you in designing a retail layout that is more favorable to greater sales and less store congestion, particularly during busy holiday seasons. Make it easier for clients to find top-selling items by stationing an employee with a mobile POS near them.

Manage your supply chain operations

Real-time POS data access keeps you on top of inventory and guarantees that top-selling items don’t run out. Rather than waiting for inventory to fall below a set level, your POS can maintain inventory flowing at a healthy pace, regardless of how busy your store becomes. It’s one of the store’s top priorities if you want to increase Black Friday sales.

Use the information you’ve gathered to set up automatic notifications that remind you to reorder hot-selling items. Once the rush dies down, check your POS data to see how often you reordered – or transferred – inventory.

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The outstanding POS like ConnectPOS will help you develop future promotions or holiday deals without the fear of overstocking.

Change prices based on market fluctuations

With a point-of-sale system that allows for real-time promotions such as scheduled markdowns, the merchant may add to the thrill of the Black Friday shopping experience by offering time-sensitive sales on specific items. 

Make a “doorbuster” deal on a specific brand of pants or shoes, or sell “surprise” spotlight products throughout the day (and based on the real-time inventory intelligence). In the heat of the holiday rush, this functionality also allows shops to quickly take advantage of possibilities to match competition.

Support the customer 24/7

According to the Institute of Customer Service, consumers who are treated well and receive “outstanding” customer service spend up to £53 more than those who have a negative experience. So try to get them to spend that money on your store when your main aim is to increase Black Friday sales.

The festive season is a busy time for shopping, but don’t forget to support your customers 24/7. You need to provide suitable help for them whenever they look for an answer.

Enhance physical store performance, increase Black Friday sales

Many shopkeepers might find it hard to keep track of offline and online stores in one place. But a real-time POS allows store managers to quickly review crucial sales performance data.

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Managers may quickly compare full-time and part-time sales associates’ sales performance and discover top sales performers based on units sold, gross sales, profitability by department, brand, or other criteria. Managers can assess each associate’s sales performance and provide appropriate support, mentorship, and other methods to improve performance. 

To improve physical store operations, shopkeepers can alter the timetable to optimize staff strengths while limiting any weak regions. The strongest team members are assigned to high-profile promotions and new product launches. Obviously, there are many effective methods that retailers can apply when using POS.


POS does indeed play a significant role in increasing Black Friday sales, moreover, it actually provides valuable data for forecasting patterns in the short and long term. So, if you still haven’t found the most suitable POS for your business, call us immediately to get the most practical advice.

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